Sno Brum is one of the best known company for manufacturing snow removal tools over the years. I already reviewed Sno Brum Snow Removal tool with telescopic handle. Sno Brum Pro Snow removal tool has almost all the features of snow brum telescopic handle however it differs in length. It’s a professional grade snow removal tool for cars. If you live in a city where snow is common thing then you must purchase this snow removal tool for you vehicles as it’s going to save you a lot of time in cleaning the snow. It will barely take 5 minutes to clean the snow from the top of you car. 


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You must have seen advertisements on TV fro Snow Brum PRO tool. Yes, it’s very famous and popular among people and has close to 5 star rating on amazon. It’s the best selling product in the snow removal tool category. 

Here are few important point about Sno Brum Pro Snow Removal Tool :

  1. It will never scratch your car’s paint.
  2. It’s made up of industrial grade polyethylene foam.
  3. Head measures 16.75” wide by 6” tall with 48” handle.
  4. It is very light weight and portable. You can easily put it in your car. 
  5. It’s weight is around 1lb.
  6. It’s also good for clearing snow from hot tub covers. 

Few people have complain regarding its portability because it doesn’t fit in their car. For them I recommend Sno Brum With Telescopic Handle. Anyways, if you are worried about scratches on your car with this snow removal tool then you can totally forget about that as NO SCRATCH is the specialty of Sno brum snow removal tools. You are never going to find any scratch or scuff marks on your car or any other vehicle.

Visit any car dealer in your area and I bet you will find that they are using Sno Brum snow removal tool for clearing the snow. Sno Brum Pro has extra big handle which is very useful as you can clean the snow from one end of the car. It’s the best product out there for snow removal and if your area receives a lot of snow fall then it’s time to have one Sno Brum Pro.