Sno Brum snow removal tool with telescopic handle is one of the tools that you really don’t want to miss out. It’s one of the best snow removal tool to remove ice over your cars without making a scratch. The telescopic handle in Snow Brum tool makes it very easy to remove all the snow in lesser time. There will be no scuff marks and not even a single small scratch of car’s paint.

The Sno Brum snow removal tool head is made up of cross linked polythene and high grade durable foam which makes it very easy and light to use product. There are several other similar type of products that you are going to find but this one is unique and you can totally rely on this product for clearing snow.

Snow Brum Snow Removal Tool

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The telescopic handle of this snow removal tool is really good. It reaches high over the car for clearing the snow and secondly you won’t be having any problem keeping this inside your car. With a snow brush, it takes a lot of time for clearing the snow while with Sno Brum Original Snow removal tool you can remove the snow in few minutes. Many of you will be having more than one car and having one of these for clearing the snow from all of them would be great for you.

Here are few important features of this snow cleaning tool :

  • Foam head measures 17-inches x 6-Inches.
  • Telescoping handle extends from 27-inches to 46-inches for plenty of reach.
  • It’s never going to scratch your car’s paint.
  • Head of the sno brum is made up of high durable foam.

With the SNO BRUM, drivers can easily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood and trunk without scratching the paint or harming the finish of any vehicle. The molded polyethylene foam head has been lab-tested for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and center load stress and durability and has achieved the highest ratings in all tests. The high-impact plastic face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the vehicle. The telescoping handle powder coated steel that has special cold resistant nylon threads.

After using it you will be one saying that it’s the best snow removal tool that you ever tried.

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