Gerber is one of the best brands manufacturing axes, knives, shovels and much more products. The products are always of the highest quality and many people have multiple products from Gerber brand. Gerber Gator Axe Saw combo is another such product which is very useful and much more durable than any other axe in the same category. It can be used on camping/hiking or hunting trip. The saw provided with the product is very much useful and can be used for tasks like removing small limbs that are in the way while camping trip. You will always find a positive review about this product and it also has a close to 5 star rating on Amazon. 

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However before you think to purchase the item, I want to be very clear with you about few things. Gerber Gator Axe Saw Combo is not a heavy duty Axe so use it wisely else you will find yourself complaining about the quality of the product. It’s a light weight axe. This axe will blow through trees and branches that are 1″-3″ without any difficulty but if you want to take on anything bigger you need to use a bigger axe or saw. The main reason being that the shaft is hollow so heavy pressure won’t work on this axe. 

Here are important things about the Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo : 

  1. It has a rugged forged steel head which retains blade edge.
  2. It has a longer gator grip handle for maximized grip and great strike force.
  3. Glass-filled Nylon handle is extremely rugged but still it’s light weight.
  4. 15.16 inches is the overall length of the axe. 
  5. It also includes a nylon sheath in the package.

Nylon sheath is very useful and it can be easily attached in your backpack and as the weight of the axe is light, you won’t feel burden on your back. Some people always need a very sharp axe so if you are one of those then you need to razor sharp this axe using sharpening stone. If you don’t prefer extremely sharp items which can be dangerous at time then you use Gerber gator axe as it is. 

If you are a frequent camper and want a lightweight useful axe then Gerber Gator is the perfect Axe for you. If you ever feel uncomfortable about this product, there is a replacement warranty from Gerber. You simply need to inform that you are unhappy about the Axe and then they will either replace it or refund you money back. 

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