KA-BAR Full size US marine coprs fighting knife is one of the best knife made in the USA. It was originally made for the american troops fighting in the world war II. It can also be used as a hunting knife. The KA-BAR Fighting knife has 7 inch straight edge blade. US Marine corps stamp on the knife also makes it special. Not to mention, even I searched for the best knives on many websites and came across Ka-Bar knife. It’s one of the highest rated knife on many websites. I bought one and even recommended this to my friends who often go camping and hunting in the woods.

This Ka-Bar USMC knife is considered as most famous fixed blade design in the world. The best thing about this knife is that the design has barely changed since it was first adopted. Over the years, people have used it and they never got disappointed by it. It’s a very beautiful and sharp knife. It has enough curves to do slicing,skinning,dressing and similar kind of jobs.

Here are few important points that you may want to know before purchasing it….

  1. The KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife is made up of 1095-CRO-VAN Steel.
  2. It has a 7 inch straight blade which makes it very good for fighting and other utilities.
  3. You will also get a LEATHER SHEATH made in Mexico along with the package.
  4. Overall Length = 11 7/8 inches
  5. Edge Angle of the Blade = 20 degrees
  6. Total Weight of the knife is 0.70 pounds.

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The leather sheath ( Made in Mexico) is also give along with the package. The leather sheath provides an excellent grip which makes the balancing of the knife perfect. The KA-BAR knife is specially manufactured to ensure corrossion resistance, razor sharp cutting edge, edge holding capability and strength. The price of Ka-Bar fighting knife is $58.45

Certainly you can spend $100-$500 for other combat knives but if you have only 50 bucks then this is the best knife for you because it’s never gonna disappoint. Overall it’s an allrounder knife.