Gransfors Bruks is known for manufacturing ultimate products and Small forest Camping axe is one of them. You will be amazed by the quality of this product. It comes razor sharp out of the box. In fact it’s more sharper than any camping knives that you may have. The Small Forest Axe has a thin blade and long handle to allow powerful chopping in a packable axe and it’s practical for splitting small sticks or cutting limbwood. Gransfors Bruks Camping axe has a lifetime warranty. You will also get a catalog and a leather sheath along with the package. Catalog is mainly for warranty purposes in case you want to change it if something happens. So keep the catalog at a safe place. Leather sheath is very well made and is of the highest quality possible. Few people say that axe is so sharp that it’s cutting the sheath but if you keep it properly then it’s never gonna cut your sheath.

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Gransfors Bruks small forest axe has a five star rating on Amazon showing it’s the best possible camping axe out there in the market. I have almost 4 products from gransfors bruks and everyone of them is perfect. You are going to fall in love with the quality piece of craftsmanship.

Here are some important things that you want to know about this small forest axe :

  1. Total Item weight is 2.2 pounds.
  2. Dimension of the product is 20X7X1.2 inches.
  3. It’s available in two color sizes : Brown/Black.
  4. It has 19” hickory handle.
  5. Leather sheath is also being provided by the company.

The cost can be a problem for few of you guys but you need to remember one thing that this is a Man’s Axe. When you will see the quality of the axe then you will realize that how much incredible product it is compared to the cost. Secondly, it has a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will never regret spending extra bucks for the quality that Gransfors Bruks offers. 

If you ever feel that it’s time to sharpen the axe then you can use Lansky Dual Grit Sharpener Stone or Diamond and it will razor sharp your axe again. You can buy the sharpener as combo piece in amazon along with small forest axe.

It’s also known as best camping axe and is small and light enough to be carried in a small backpack on your belt for camping and hiking. So if you are looking for the best axe possible, this is it.