True Temper 26-Inch SnoBoss Pusher and Shovel Poly Blade With Steel Wear Strip is one of the best heavy duty & ergonomic snow shovel and pusher available in the market. Having a lot of snowfall and then snow getting hard is one of the main problems for many people. In order to remove snow from pathways, you need a strong and reliable snow shovel which can do a lot of work and remove lot of snow in less time.

There are other things which needs to be considered while removing snow around your house. The snow shovel or pusher that you are using should always be ergonomic. Ergonomic snow shovels will make sure that you will remove and throw lot of snow without feeling any pain and stress in your back. True Temper snow pusher and shovel has been designed in such a way that it keeps all the above things in mind. Using this snow shovel, you can remove more snow in less time without any pain.

Ergonomic Snow Shovel

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Here I am going to describe some of the important features of this snow shovel and pusher :

  • It’s a 26 inch high capacity blade along with wear strip which can be used as shovel or pusher.
  • Midgrips and endgrips are ergonomically designed for optimal hand placement and back posture while lifting.
  • Foot step for maximum leverage.
  • The handle is a single piece light weight aluminum.
  • Blade Measures 25-3/4″W x 34-1/2″ .

One of the best part is that it has a multi-grip handle which allows us to lift, push and throw snow from optimal ergonomic position. There are other shovels available in the market but no one matches it’s quality with these features. If you have ever used single shafted shovel previously then you will find that this shovel is much more effective and efficient. The handles at different heights allow you to easily pick up a whole amount of snow to throw.

It’s one of the best snow shovels and I highly recommend it for you people.

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Watering the plants in the garden is the most essential part of a successful gardening. Few plants require daily watering while few require weekly. Watering plants becomes even more important if you are growing vegetables or flowers in your garden because those plant roots don’t go much deep in the soil. If there is summer season going on and you don’t water them properly then they are going to die. For watering the plants daily, easy pouring watering can is required which can hold enough water so that you can water enough plants in one go.

Fiskars Easy pour watering Can is one of the best in the markets. It can hold a total of 2.6 gallons of water. It has a very unique handle design and it’s one of the best parts that people love this watering can. It has a dual handle support so that you can adjust yourself with multiple hand positions on itself. For adjustable flow control spout rotates, so that it can provide both gentle shower and steady stream. With dual handles, you can carry this Watering can very easily in your garden.

Watering can Garden tool

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Fiskars easy pour watering can is only available in black color. It holds 2.6 gallon water and provides both spray and full stream in a single nozzle. ┬áThe hole for filling the watering can is made on the side of the body so that handle doesn’t get in the way. You can fill easily and water your plants quickly with its great capacity. You don’t have to fill and water multiple times. It will save you a lot of time in watering the plants and flowers. With great handle support, you can carry and water all the plants in your patio.

Here are few more pics of the Fiskars watering can in action :

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It is one of the best choice by thousands of gardeners out there. I recommend this watering can for everyone who has patio filled with plants. Get it now and start watering your plants.