Fiskars is one of the most popular and best brands for every gardening tool. Fiskars 9669 digging shovel is another ultimate product used by many people across the world. It has close to 5 star rating and has many positive reviews from people. Most of the Fiskars shovels are always for heavy duty and that’s what I like about them. Fiskar shovels always comes presharpened so you don’t have to waste your extra time sharpening them. If you like things to be always razor sharp then there are sharpeners available as well. Beside all this, Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel is currently available at 16% discount on amazon.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel : 

  1. Shovel is made up of fully steel providing durability and for heavy duty use.
  2. Oversized foot step is provided for maximum strength.
  3. It comes with presharpened blade which cuts the ground easier.
  4. Handle provided is teardrop shaped which reduces hand fatigue and has max grip quality.
  5. D-shaped handle fits both hands and provides maximum comfort while doing work.
  6. It has a lifetime warranty.

The whole 9669 Digging shovel is power coated making it totally rust free. It can be used for heavy duty digging, preparing planting holes and even for removing sod or soil. For maximum strength, the blade of the shovel is directly welded into the shaft giving it an edge over other shovels which don’t have this feature. Fiskars Long Handle Digging shovel is somewhat similar to this one. 

You must have used local shovels from a store and this time if you are trying to buy a shovel which can make your life easier in your garden then Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel is the best recommended product for you.

Review 9668 Digging Shovel – I heard about this shovel from a friend who described it as the perfect shovel that he ever used. I got impressed by the qualities he mentioned. Finally brought Fiskars 9668 Long handled digging shovel for my garden. After using it, I realized it was more than what my friend told me about it. Using so many digging shovels over the years, we get to know which one is perfect for you. The local shovels are not so strong and they break down over a period of time. But if you Fiskars digging shovel, you can dig for years to come. For heavy duty strength and durability, it has an all steel construction. It’s the best shovel I have ever used.

Fiskars 9668 Digging Shovel

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Here are some important features of Fiskars 9668 Long handled digging shovel –

  1. Fiskars digging shovel has no rust problem because powder-coated steel is used to make it rust free and easy for cleaning.
  2. The Blade of the shovel is welded to the shaft to give it’s extra strength and durability.
  3. Fiskars shovel has the best handle as its easy to grip and it also reduces hand fatigue.
  4. Pre-sharpened Blade is the best part of fiskars shovel. It cuts through anything that comes in the way. Secondly, you don’t have to sharp the blade for months even after many usages.
  5. As you can see in the pic, oversized footstep is provided for your foot which is secure and comfortable and it also allows you to use leg muscles.
  6. It has a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Shovel Oversized footstep

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The slightly pointed blade of fiskars digging shovel can be used for mainly 3 purposes :

  • Heavy duty Digging
  • Preparing Planting holes
  • Removing Sod or Soil

You can use of for normal gardening and landscaping. If you like to do a lot of digging in your garden with a strong shovel then Fiskars 9668 Long handles Digging Shovel Garden tool is the best one for you. Once you use it, you will forget about other shovels that you previously used in your lifetime. It will cut through anything like no other shovel will ever cut. It is one of the best shovel for digging holes, trench and even for digging roots. Secondly, It has a lifetime warranty and they replace the product immediately even if it bents under any circumstances. It’s time for you to get it now and start digging in your lawn or garden to get the best our of fiskars shovel.

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