A Trowel is a small garden hand tool which is used for digging, smoothing and moving other particulate material in the garden. A garden trowel is extremely useful whether you are just a beginner or an advanced one. You always need a good garden trowel. A Gardening trowel is mainly a pointed shaped having metal blade and a strong handle. I use trowel normally for digging small holes in the earth for planting, mixing fertilizers. It’s also very useful in weeding process.

There are many type of trowels out there. Few of them are :

  • Cathole Trowel
  • Briclayer’s Trowel
  • Tuck Pointing Trowel
  • Finishing Trowel
  • Flooring Trowel
  • Gauging Trowel
  • Pool Trowels
  • Margin and Notched Trowels

All trowels are different is shape and size and they have different functions. Not everyone of them can be used for gardening. Gardening requires special trowels which can serve all purposes in the garden without any difficulty.

Below I am going to list some good trowels which you should must have in your garden:

1. Garden Trowel – Stainless Steel 14″ Long Works Perfectly for Every Hand Digging Situation It’s a 14″ Long – Appx 3″ Wide trowel. It’s made from stainless steel incised with depth gauge for planting. It’s indestructible and rust proof trowel. This Garden trowl has a lifetime guarantee and it’s made by Willcox All Pro.

Best Garden Trowel

2. Fiskars 7062 Softouch Polished Aluminum Trowel Fiskars is popular brand for manufacturing gardening tools. It has a soft touch cushioned grip along with beveled edges. It’s a one piece high strength aluminum alloy which you can use in any type of soil. It has a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Garden Trowel

3. Fiskars 7978 Composite Trowel Yet another good and quality product from Fiskars. Fiskars Composite Trowel is lightweight, durable and ideal for all types of soil in your garden. It’s made from single piece Nyglass Nylon. It’s totally rustproof and has a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Composite Trowel

There are many other trowels available from Fiskars as well as from other companies. These are the top 3 best selling products on amazon having very high ratings and reviews. You can totally rely on these garden trowels for gardening works such as planting and weeding.

You must also keep few things in mind before purchasing these trowels. If your garden has hard soil or say rocky soil then you would like to purchase first two trowels and not the third one. Fiskars Composite trowel is very effective in normal soil and is not made to be heavily used for rocky soil because it’s not steel. You can use it for your square foot garden and other planting activities.