Fiskars is best brand manufacturing wide variety of garden tools. Gardening tools produced by the Fiskars are considered excellent both in quality and price. They have the best selling product in many categories of best garden tools. Fiskars 9301 Power Lever Tree pruner is also one of the best in the market. The total length is 14 foot which is very ideal for tree pruning. It’s available at a 31% discount and with free shipping. It has great reviews by the customers and close to 5 star rating on amazon.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9301 Power-Lever 14 Foot Tree Pruner :

  1. It is a power lever dual action tree pruner. 
  2. Fiskars 9301 Pruner cutting capacity is 1-1/8 inch. 
  3. It has 15 inch saw blade which is of very high quality.
  4. Maximum reach of the pruner is 14 Foot. 
  5. Fiskars 9301 have power lever technology which magnifies the cutting power of the pruner.
  6. The woodzig pruning saw blade is corrosion-resistant and it has a non-stick blade coating.
  7. Fiskars products always have a lifetime warranty.

With Fiskars 9301 Pruner included in your garden tools, you don’t need to use the ladder. It gives you exceptional reach and pruning power to cut trees. The extendable pole with reach up to 14 feet means you can maintain that perfect height and graceful globe shape of your flowering crab apple tree without balancing precariously on a ladder. The Power lever technology multiplies your strength to cut branches up to 1-1/8 inch in diameter or you can use 15 inch woodzig saw. You will enjoy using this great product from fiskars.

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The best part about the Fiskars 9301 Pruner is that it’s neither heavy like other brands nor costly as well. If you will compare with other brands which provides tree pruning, you will come to know why people always choose fiskars. If you want to try then visit your local store to watch the product in action or simply read the reviews on amazon. Because of its high quality, I highly recommend you to have this product included in your best garden tools.

Felco is very popular brand in manufacturing best garden tools. The quality of products made by felco is amazing. Felco F-6 Classic Pruner is one of the best gardening pruners that you will ever find in the market. Felco has many variations in pruners such as Felco F-2, Felco F-3 etc. They all vary slightly in their features. As people have various type of demands and choices, Felco has many types of pruners to choose from. However Felco F-6 is considered as one of the best out of all by thosands of people. It has great customer reviews and a 5 star rating on amazon.

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Here are important features of Felco F-6 Classic Pruner:

  1. Felco F-6 Classic Pruner is realatively very good for smaller hands.
  2. It’s an ideal pruner for pruning work such as grape vines, shrubs and young trees.
  3. The metal handles of Felco F-6 are very lightweight.
  4. The blades of the pruner are made up of very high quality carbon steel.
  5. It has cutting capacity of 0.8 inch. 
  6. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

The pruner is designed in such a way that it always give a clean and precise cuts. The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting “sappy” wood. Felco F-6 is easily adjustable. Hand and wrist protection and optimization of the force exerted are provided by the angled head, the ideal shape of the handles, and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating. If you are planning to buy pruners for your garden then Felco F-6 is the best one out in the market. No other brand will match the quality that it provides at such an afforadable cost. Secondly, it has other features such as all parts are replaceable so if you ever feel that things are not working correctly then you can easily change the parts with new ones.

These pruners are being sold for smaller hands but as far as I know, they are suitable and fit in every hand. They are very efficient, sharp and smooth pruner. Felco F-6 is also known as the best ergonomic classic pruners. If you are looking for pruner then I highly recommed using Felco F-6.

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Felco products many types of pruning shears of highest quality. I already reviewed about Felco F-2 Pruner and Felco F-6 Pruner in my previous posts. Felco F-5 classic manual pruning shear is another one in the series by Felco. Mainly people prefer Felco F-5 because it is considered as a all purpose shear. The quality of this product is similar to other felco products. Felco F-5 Manual Pruning shear is available at 10% discount. It has good customer review and close to 4.5 star rating on amazon.

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Here are important features of Felco F-5 Classic Manual Pruning Shear:

  • It is a all purpose shear i.e. you can use them for multiple pruning activities.
  • Felco F-5 is a durable product and long lasting as well. 
  • The blades of the pruner is made up of high quality carbon steel which keeps them sharp and non-breakable.
  • The blades of the Felco F-5 is replacable. 
  • It has a limited time warranty.

As the blade is made of high quality steel, it gives a very clean and precise cuts while pruning. It is also easily adjustable when cutting. They are very sturdy, well made. They come as sharp when the product is delivered and hence you must be careful in first few uses until you get used to it. No one has ever experienced or complained about any part of this pruner coming loose or falling off. Low quality pruners from local store always have problems of parts not functioning properly. But with Felco F-5, you don’t have to worry. The red handle is also very useful as you will not loose it in your garden as it can be easily seem. Local ones have variety of colors such as green, brown which tend to mix with other colors in the garden.

Felco product parts are always replacable so you don’t have to buy a new product all together. You can easily get them at very low price. Have a look and give Felco F-5 a try in your garden.

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Felco is one of the best brands known for manufacturing variety of garden tools. Felco always prodcues the highest quality products. Felco prodcuts are available and used globally. Felco F-2 Classic Manual hand pruner is one such product which beats the rest of manual hand pruners from other companies. Once you have used Felco Manual hand pruner, you may not even think about buying any other brand. They work much better than any other brand in the market. They are very easy to clean and replace worn parts. They work for years without even sharpening. Felco F-2 has the most general purpose design and it can be used by anyone.

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Here are some important features of Felco F-2 Manual Hand Pruner :

  • It’s the best ideal pruner for light applications and it’s easily adjustable.
  • It has strong blades which works really well along with wire cutting notch.
  • It has lightweight metal handles.
  • It has a very comfortable grip which makes the trimming more easier. 
  • The blades of the hand pruner are made up of high quality hardened steel.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.

There are 100’s of great reviews on amazon with close to 5 star rating for Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner. People have used it for years without even sharpening and it has delivered the best by cutting tree branches, shrubes and bushes. Another best thing is that the blades are replaceable. After years also, it will felt like you are cutting for the first time because of it’s high quality.

What we recommend is not to purchase or use any cheap manual hand pruner. Instead buy a good pair of Felco F-2 Classic hand pruner which serves you better in years to come. If you have the habit of using pruners for high duty purpose then there are other manual pruners from Felco such as Felco F-6 which you can have for heavy duty use. Felco designs the Manual hand pruners in number of ways to meet the suitability for people. Felco F-2 is the most general purpose and used hand pruner.

If you searching for good manual hand pruners, then we highly recommed you to have this product from Felco.

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Fiskars is the best gardening tool manufacturing company in the market. Their quality, strength and durability of the products beats the rest competitors. Fiskars 9675 Power lever Hedge shears is another quality product from fiksars. Fiskars power level hedge shear is razor sharp prodcut and very well constructed. With its unique power lever mechanism, the cutting is 2x faster than other normal shears. It’s very easy to handle and operate the shear. It has great customer reviews and good ratings on amazon.

Fiskars 9675



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Here are few important features of Fiskars 9675 Power lever hedge shear:

  1. Unique power lever mechanism of the shear makes the cutting 2x faster than other shears. 
  2. It has a very sharp and precision ground blade edge.
  3. Its blades are made up of hardened stainless steel which hold the harp edge longer and also prevent rust.
  4. It cuts the entire 9 inch length of the blade.
  5. FiberComp handles-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability.
  6. It has a limited lifetime warranty from Fiskars.

Fiskars hedge shear are much better than the ordinary hedge shears. You can use them for light top pruning of shrubs and they really give a very clearn crisp cut. They may not be lightweight for old people but they are like medium so that you can easily trim bushes. The other advantage is that it makes use of the full 9 inch blade length. Many shears don’t cut the bushes for full length. It will last for a very long time as its not going to rust at all. It’s also highly impossible that it will not be sharp for a long time. 

You can use them on thick and thin bushes. It has worked out extremely well for us and many people we know. These hedge shears are wonderful and easy to handle. If you are looking for a shear then I highly recommend this product. 

Fiskars is one of the best comapnies for manufacturing garden tools. Fiskars manufactures products such as axe,shovels,shears, scissors and many more other things. Fiskars 9214 Ease Grass shear is one of the prodcuts which is very popular among people. It is one of the best quality shear that you will found in the market. While few people have problem with these shear but the fact is that they actually don’t know how to use it because they never open the manual of the product. Fiskars always manufactures and tests the product before giving it for public sale. Infact Fiskars 9214 has some great customer reviews and close to 4 star rating on amazon.

Fiskars 9214



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Here are few important features of Fiskars 9214 Shear Ease Grass Shears :

  1. It’s the best tool for precision grass trimming.
  2. Its non-jamming mechanism is unique.
  3. It’s made up of stainless steel blades which makes it even more stronger.
  4. The swivel head of the shear can be rotated up to 360 degree.
  5. It can be used by both right and left handers.
  6. It has a limited lifetime warranty from Fiskars.

Few important points that you must remember while using this product for it’s proper use else you will complain like those few people who don’t to use it.

The grass shears feature a cutting head that rotates 360-degrees for easy trimming at any angle.That simply means you can cut the grass from any angle without any difficulty. You can change the blade angle at any point of time according to your comfort. There are some people saying that it doesn’t cut the grass and there is a gap between blades. Reason being either they are holding it opposite or they don’t know how to use the above feature.

Non jamming mechanism makes sure that blades never get stucked with grass. It always clears them out with each cut. The body of the shear is made up of lightweight Nylon/fibreglass composite which provides long lasting life.It can be used by both left and right handers.

I have find people who are using it for more than 3 years and they never had any problem with these shears. Infact their quality beats other shears in the same category. So if you are looking for a shear then i highly recommend this product.

Fiskars 9109 Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears is the best selling product in hedge shears category of Amazon. As you may already be knowing that Fiskars is a popular brand producing best quality products which lasts life time. Hand Pruning shears are also manufactured by Fiskars and it’s model 9109 is the perfect hand pruning model adopted by many people across the world. It has close to 5 star rating and hundreds of customer reviews. Also there is a 33% discount on the product right now. 

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Here are some important features of Fiskars 9109 Bypass Pruning Shear :

  1. It can easily cut branches and stems whose diameter is up to 5/8.
  2. It has a precision ground steel bypass blade which always remains sharp.
  3. It is fully rust-resistant which also makes your cutting easier.
  4. Self-cleaning sap groove keeps the blade from sticking for easy operation.
  5. It has an easy open lock with non-slip grips. It’s very durable because of all steel design.
  6. Fiskars 9109 Pruning Shear has a lifetime warranty.

If you want to gift someone in this month ( December ) then you can choose amazon global priority shipping at the checkout which makes sure that your gift reaches before Christmas. 

The pruning shears are teflon-coated and the blade is made up of high carbon steel which makes cutting smooth and easy. Shears feature an ambidextrous lock, sap groove, enclosed spring, and dual layer comfort grips. It can be used for variety of general purpose pruning tasks. They are really good for light duty cutting. The traditional 9109 Bypass pruner is made in USA by Fiskars and hence you can expect your delivery faster than ever. 

Certainly everything has a limit so if you try to use them for heavy duty then you will not get expected result. They are made for light duty cutting and hence you can use them on green branches, bushes in your garden. These pruning shears are also best for roses , arthritis and other plants. They work similar to pruning scissors. They are best pruning shears at this price in the market right now. There are many other pruning shears available but they are heavy costly.

Overall, It’s one of the best bypass pruning shears and you can trust Fiskars on its products.  

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Fiskars 9109 bypass pruning shear in action :

Fiskars 9136 Ultra Blade Power Gear Bypass Lopper in another great product manufactured by Fiskars. Fiskars is a popular brand for manufacturing different garden tools and many of them are best sellers on amazon. In fact Fiskars 9136 Bypass Lopper is also a best selling product in lopper category. This bypass lopper is available in many sizes like 18 inch, 21 inch, 25 inch and 32 inch. With such a variety of sizes, you can choose the lopper which suits your work. Fiskars loppers are very well constructed and they last for a long time than any other brand.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9136 Bypass Lopper ( 25 inch) :

  • It has a very sharp and precision ground blade edge.
  • Fully hardened blades hold the sharp edges longer.
  • Fiskars 9136 is corrosion resistant.
  • It has a non-stick blade coating which reduces friction and make cutting easier for you.
  • The handle is made up of lightweight aluminum which fits comfortably in hands.
  • Bypass blade for clean cuts of green, living growth with cutting capacity: 1-1/2″.
  • Product dimensions are 1 x 7.8 x 25.5 inches.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

As the Christmas is approaching, you can order this item and it will be shipped on 24 December. You simply need to choose AmazonGlobal Priority shipping at checkout. If you want gift someone who likes these items then this is the perfect time for this.

The Power gear 9136 is designed in such a way that it maximizes your cutting power while pruning living plants. This power gear lopper has a gearing technology which maximizes the cutting power in the middle where the resistance is greatest making the cut 3 times easier than other traditional tools. It has razor sharp blades which cuts with less resistance than thicker blades. It can cut up to 1-1/2 inch small branches. 

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However beside all the great features, proper safety should be maintained if you have one of these. If it can cut branches of 1.5” then it can cut fingers too. So keep it away from kids. Overall, it’s a great tool that you must have. If you are using some old lopper or any local lopper then it’s time to throw them away and use Fiskars 9136 Power gear Bypass Lopper.

Fiskars is one of the most popular and best brands for every gardening tool. Fiskars 9669 digging shovel is another ultimate product used by many people across the world. It has close to 5 star rating and has many positive reviews from people. Most of the Fiskars shovels are always for heavy duty and that’s what I like about them. Fiskar shovels always comes presharpened so you don’t have to waste your extra time sharpening them. If you like things to be always razor sharp then there are sharpeners available as well. Beside all this, Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel is currently available at 16% discount on amazon.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel : 

  1. Shovel is made up of fully steel providing durability and for heavy duty use.
  2. Oversized foot step is provided for maximum strength.
  3. It comes with presharpened blade which cuts the ground easier.
  4. Handle provided is teardrop shaped which reduces hand fatigue and has max grip quality.
  5. D-shaped handle fits both hands and provides maximum comfort while doing work.
  6. It has a lifetime warranty.

The whole 9669 Digging shovel is power coated making it totally rust free. It can be used for heavy duty digging, preparing planting holes and even for removing sod or soil. For maximum strength, the blade of the shovel is directly welded into the shaft giving it an edge over other shovels which don’t have this feature. Fiskars Long Handle Digging shovel is somewhat similar to this one. 

You must have used local shovels from a store and this time if you are trying to buy a shovel which can make your life easier in your garden then Fiskars 9669 Digging shovel is the best recommended product for you.

True temper is always known for manufacturing great products from shovel to axes. US military Original Issue E-too Entrenching shovel is one of them. It is considered as one of the best camping shovels. It is currently the best seller in camping shovels category at amazon and has close to 5 star rating. It is mainly made for US military however is available for public as well. So you can purchase this awesome entrenching shovel right away. It’s a heavy duty shovel which will do all of your work without any difficulty. It’s available at 46% discount. To know more click the below image.

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Here are important features of US military entrenching shovel : 

  1. It’s a genuine US Military Issue.
  2. It’s mainly made for the US military with superior materials.
  3. It’s Tri Fold Shovel made for heavy duty use. 
  4. The head contains a serrated edge and plain edge for hacking or slashing.
  5. The E-Tool or Entrenching Tool folds up for easy carry and to pack away.
  6. It is a durable product and will last a life time. 

Here is how it looks when unfolded : 

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You must have seen many folding shovels whenever you visit a store but do you really believe that those shovels will works like this one ? First, they are all chinsy looking and kind of cheap. You will always need a great shovel whenever you are miles away from you home camping happily. What happens when your new shovel from a local store breaks the first time you use it. Hopefully, neither you nor I want this kind of situation on our camping trip. 

US military entrenching shovel is the real shovel which US marines are using for decades. You can dig with shovel as well chop with it. You can get them as dirty as you want but they will hold up in all the situations. This true temper entrenching shovel is the best and you can truly trust this shovel. 

It’s available for less than $50 after a 46% discount. So rather than buying a cheap shovel, go for US military Original entrenching shovel. You can also check out Fiskars Long handle Digging Shovels.