Sno Brum is one of the best known company for manufacturing snow removal tools over the years. I already reviewed Sno Brum Snow Removal tool with telescopic handle. Sno Brum Pro Snow removal tool has almost all the features of snow brum telescopic handle however it differs in length. It’s a professional grade snow removal tool for cars. If you live in a city where snow is common thing then you must purchase this snow removal tool for you vehicles as it’s going to save you a lot of time in cleaning the snow. It will barely take 5 minutes to clean the snow from the top of you car. 


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You must have seen advertisements on TV fro Snow Brum PRO tool. Yes, it’s very famous and popular among people and has close to 5 star rating on amazon. It’s the best selling product in the snow removal tool category. 

Here are few important point about Sno Brum Pro Snow Removal Tool :

  1. It will never scratch your car’s paint.
  2. It’s made up of industrial grade polyethylene foam.
  3. Head measures 16.75” wide by 6” tall with 48” handle.
  4. It is very light weight and portable. You can easily put it in your car. 
  5. It’s weight is around 1lb.
  6. It’s also good for clearing snow from hot tub covers. 

Few people have complain regarding its portability because it doesn’t fit in their car. For them I recommend Sno Brum With Telescopic Handle. Anyways, if you are worried about scratches on your car with this snow removal tool then you can totally forget about that as NO SCRATCH is the specialty of Sno brum snow removal tools. You are never going to find any scratch or scuff marks on your car or any other vehicle.

Visit any car dealer in your area and I bet you will find that they are using Sno Brum snow removal tool for clearing the snow. Sno Brum Pro has extra big handle which is very useful as you can clean the snow from one end of the car. It’s the best product out there for snow removal and if your area receives a lot of snow fall then it’s time to have one Sno Brum Pro.

Over the years, you may have used different shovels to clear your sideways and walkways. Using a hand shovel always takes a lot of time and a lot of body strength. In today’s world, no everyone has that much of time to clear sideways with hand shovel. We need to go to office early and to do other works. Due to snowfall, these things comes to halt and when you use normal shovel in the morning to clean the snow then it eats your precious time. Toro 38361 Power Shovel Electric Snow Blower is going to make your work easier, faster and will save your precious time.Toro Co is known for making great products such as this electric snow blower. Go to your local store and try to find out if it’s there. I bet you will get some answer like this : SOLD OUT! Yes, It’s one of the best and fastest selling electric snow blowers in the market.

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Here are some important features of Toro Electric Snow Blower Shovel :

  1. It’s a 7.5 Amp electric snow blower for sideways, walkways and other areas.
  2. It cuts up to 6 inches deep and 20 inches wide snow in one pass.
  3. It throws the snow up to 20 feet and more.
  4. It’s a lightweight item with just 12-1/2 pounds.
  5. It has a durable plastic body with metal handle.
  6. It measures approx 15x12x52 inches.
  7. It has a 2-year warranty.

Compare to Similar Snow Blowers and Throwers

This item: Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower With Headlight

GreenWorks 26022 10 Amp 16″ Corded Snow Thrower

Snow Joe 322P 12-Inch 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Customer Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars  (535) 4.3 out of 5 stars  (56) 4.1 out of 5 stars  (79) 3.9 out of 5 stars  (91)
Price $99.00 $149.98 $99.99 $60.99
Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping Free Shipping
Sold By VMInnovations
Power Source corded-electric corded-electric corded-electric corded-electric
Length 15 inches 45 inches 42.5 inches 11 inches
Height 52 inches 38 inches 23.03 inches 30 inches
Width 12 inches 19 inches 19.29 inches 9 inches
Weight 13 pounds 33.3 pounds 26 pounds 19 pounds
Clearing Width 12″ Clearing Width, 20′ Throw Distance 18″ Clearing Width, 13.5 AMP Motor 16″ Clearing Path, 9 Amp Electric Motor 13.5″ L x 12.5″ W x 55″ H


Here are few more things which you can do with Toro Electric Snow Blower :

  1. You can adjust the operator handle’s angle or height as needed.
  2. Sliding and rotating adjustments ensure enhanced control and comfort.
  3. Cord-lock system helps ensure the cord doesn’t become unplugged during use.
  4. We can adjust the length of the telescoping handle to suit your height.
  5. It’s totally cost effective and maintenance-free–no gas or oil needed.

It can become your best friend during winter season. You can clear the snow with ease however do not use much where there is probability of stones and Do not let the snow get deeper than 6 inches. You may have to go 2 times to clear it but after all it’s a fun to clear the snow right ? 

There are two more things which you may need along with this electric snow thrower : 

  1. Coleman Cable 02368 16/3-Gauge High Visibility and Low Temperature Outdoor Extension Cord, 50-Feet,
  2. Bayco K-100 150-Foot Cord Reel

Certainly while using Toro in sideways, you need a outdoor extension cord as well as cord reel to meet you needs and clear the snow up to maximum distance. You can have all these as combo during purchase of Toro Electric snow thrower. 

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Here are few more pics showing Toro Electric Snow Blower in Action : 

Sno Brum snow removal tool with telescopic handle is one of the tools that you really don’t want to miss out. It’s one of the best snow removal tool to remove ice over your cars without making a scratch. The telescopic handle in Snow Brum tool makes it very easy to remove all the snow in lesser time. There will be no scuff marks and not even a single small scratch of car’s paint.

The Sno Brum snow removal tool head is made up of cross linked polythene and high grade durable foam which makes it very easy and light to use product. There are several other similar type of products that you are going to find but this one is unique and you can totally rely on this product for clearing snow.

Snow Brum Snow Removal Tool

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The telescopic handle of this snow removal tool is really good. It reaches high over the car for clearing the snow and secondly you won’t be having any problem keeping this inside your car. With a snow brush, it takes a lot of time for clearing the snow while with Sno Brum Original Snow removal tool you can remove the snow in few minutes. Many of you will be having more than one car and having one of these for clearing the snow from all of them would be great for you.

Here are few important features of this snow cleaning tool :

  • Foam head measures 17-inches x 6-Inches.
  • Telescoping handle extends from 27-inches to 46-inches for plenty of reach.
  • It’s never going to scratch your car’s paint.
  • Head of the sno brum is made up of high durable foam.

With the SNO BRUM, drivers can easily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood and trunk without scratching the paint or harming the finish of any vehicle. The molded polyethylene foam head has been lab-tested for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and center load stress and durability and has achieved the highest ratings in all tests. The high-impact plastic face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the vehicle. The telescoping handle powder coated steel that has special cold resistant nylon threads.

After using it you will be one saying that it’s the best snow removal tool that you ever tried.

You also might be interested in :Tru Temper Snow Pusher and removal Tool  or Wheeled Snow Shovel

True Temper 26-Inch SnoBoss Pusher and Shovel Poly Blade With Steel Wear Strip is one of the best heavy duty & ergonomic snow shovel and pusher available in the market. Having a lot of snowfall and then snow getting hard is one of the main problems for many people. In order to remove snow from pathways, you need a strong and reliable snow shovel which can do a lot of work and remove lot of snow in less time.

There are other things which needs to be considered while removing snow around your house. The snow shovel or pusher that you are using should always be ergonomic. Ergonomic snow shovels will make sure that you will remove and throw lot of snow without feeling any pain and stress in your back. True Temper snow pusher and shovel has been designed in such a way that it keeps all the above things in mind. Using this snow shovel, you can remove more snow in less time without any pain.

Ergonomic Snow Shovel

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Here I am going to describe some of the important features of this snow shovel and pusher :

  • It’s a 26 inch high capacity blade along with wear strip which can be used as shovel or pusher.
  • Midgrips and endgrips are ergonomically designed for optimal hand placement and back posture while lifting.
  • Foot step for maximum leverage.
  • The handle is a single piece light weight aluminum.
  • Blade Measures 25-3/4″W x 34-1/2″ .

One of the best part is that it has a multi-grip handle which allows us to lift, push and throw snow from optimal ergonomic position. There are other shovels available in the market but no one matches it’s quality with these features. If you have ever used single shafted shovel previously then you will find that this shovel is much more effective and efficient. The handles at different heights allow you to easily pick up a whole amount of snow to throw.

It’s one of the best snow shovels and I highly recommend it for you people.

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Snow shovels are very important for places with lots of snow. You need an effective snow shovel to remove snow effectively. Regular snow shovels can cause a lot of back pain and hand fatigue. You should always handle those snow shovels which can remove lots of snow with ease. Secondly, you should also keep your height in mind. Many snow shovels are made for people with average height and if you are too tall then they may not work for you. Lot of people complain about handle issues of snow shovels. ” Always read the reviews of the shovel before hitting the buy button. You always need a perfect shovel for pushing,shoveling and whittling down.

Here are review and rating of snow shovels that you can buy and many of them are still on sale-

1. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

It’s one of the best snow removal tool available in the market. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon. It’s available in 4 colors : Red, Blue, Yellow and green. Red Aluminum sport utility shovel has a high quality aluminum construction. It’s weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and it’s super lightweight.

It’s an adjustable handle which you can increase from 25-inch to 32 inch and that’s why you can use it for multiple activities. You can deconstruct the utility shovel in 3 pieces for safe packing and storage.

It has some other advantages too. Having a great color such as red, there are less chances of loosing it in the snow and secondly it can become an important accessory of your car or SUV. Overall, it’s compact, lightweight and durable.

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2. Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel

The wheeled snow shovel is one of the best if you are clearing the whole large section of ice specially your driveway. It clears 3x more snow than the normal shovels. The wheeled snow shovel is considered much better than the electric snow blowers. The electric snow blowers make a lot of noise while it doesn’t. The front portion is huge to remove more snow at once.

Here are few other qualities that you might want to know before you buy it –

  • Best for removing large amount of snow in every condition.
  • With half the effort, you can clear the snow 3X fast than other shovels.
  • There is no risk of injury with Snow wheeled snow shovel.
  • It outperforms electric snow blowers in terms of fumes and noise.
  • If you fear about back stress and cardio exertion then you don’t have to worry about these anymore because it’s a verified products showing 3X-4X reduction in both of these.
  • It is fully adjustable for everyone with any body type and size.
  • You can store wheeled snow shovel easily flat on a wall just like your regular shovel.

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