5 in 1(XI) Proplugger is the best one available in the market right now. Proplugger is 5 in 1(XI) Planting, turf plugger, bulb planter, flower planting, Lawn plugger, weeding tool, Grass or Sod plugger, soil sampler and ground cover planting tool. It can dig a hole of size of a tennis ball up to multiple depths.For transplanting a variety of ground cover plants, flowers and bulbs, the adapter plates allows you to dig a 2 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch deep plug. Getting a good depth is very essential for many plants as they grow better and quick deep inside the ground. The proplugger is made up of welded steel which makes it tougher than normal ones available at your local shop. Its construction makes it available for years of plugging service. It also acts as a soil sampler tool and can pull over 500/hour.


5 in 1 Bulb Planter

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Here are few favorite annuals and ground covers which you can plant –

  • Creeping thyme
  • English ivy –
  • Mondo grass
  • Monkey grass
  • Pachysandra

and many others are there as well. If you grow these in your garden, it’s gonna look like heaven. If you don’t know or you have no idea about these plant ground covers, Google the images.

There are two version available of this 5 in 1 Proplugger. First is the standard version which plugs smaller holes. Second is this one which you are seeing right now. It’s the proplugger (XL) size which can pull a 70% larger plug if compared to the standard version.

Watch the Video below to understand how it works fully : –

It has 5 star rating on Amazon and it’s the best selling product in the gardening tool under bulb planters. If you are really interested into the gardening and like to plug a lot then this is just for you. Thousands of gardeners are using this bulb and flower planter to shape up their garden and you must also start doing it right away.

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Few more pics in action : 

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