Fiskars X-series splitting Axe is one of the best in the world as it got the International Red dot Award for ” Best of the Best” design of it’s splitting Axe. You may have used traditional axes at your home which you purchased from you local shop. These traditional axes are normally heavy, less sharp and they are prone to crack & break after few days. However Fiskars X-series splitting axe has an ultra sharp edge, an advanced product design which makes it perfect for all gardeners and virtually unbreakable. Due to these qualities, it maximizes your performance in the work.

Fiskars Splitting Axe has a 5 star rating and more than 800 reviews on and It’s ranking number 1 in Axe category.

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Fiskars splitting Axe is available in 4 sizes :-

  1. 17 inch
  2. 23 1/2 inch
  3. 28 inch
  4. 36 inch

Due to many sizes, it’s perfect for different type of people as few people like long handles which helps them to cut anything with powers while few people like small handles for cutting. If your height is more then certainly you will like the 36 inch Axe and not 17 inch. Total weight of the Fiskars 36 inch Axe is 5.8 pounds.

Fiskars splitting Axe is made in Finland and supplied through Amazon. They are nicely designed  to simple and effective so that your work performance is minimized and you will save a lot of time. A wide range of Axe styles and sizes is perfect for any gardeners. Here is few more things you may want to know about splitting axe :

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Here are few work situation in which Fiskars splitting axe is very helpful :

  • Chopping Kindling
  • Splitting Logs
  • Felling Trees
  • Chopping Logs

Due to superior blade design and virtually unbreakable quality, it has more power at impact. Taller users has advantage with 36 inch as it offer one strike split of the woods with more power and speed saving your time. It’s fibercomp handle is stronger than stainless steel, it’s not going to break through overstrike. The blade is hardened and forged and it’s never going to chip or crack. It has a non-stick blade coating which makes it not to stuck in woods while cutting.

Overall, it’s perfect for all type of Axe work and you must get it. It’s a must gardening tool.

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