Fiskars 9136 Ultra Blade Power Gear Bypass Lopper in another great product manufactured by Fiskars. Fiskars is a popular brand for manufacturing different garden tools and many of them are best sellers on amazon. In fact Fiskars 9136 Bypass Lopper is also a best selling product in lopper category. This bypass lopper is available in many sizes like 18 inch, 21 inch, 25 inch and 32 inch. With such a variety of sizes, you can choose the lopper which suits your work. Fiskars loppers are very well constructed and they last for a long time than any other brand.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9136 Bypass Lopper ( 25 inch) :

  • It has a very sharp and precision ground blade edge.
  • Fully hardened blades hold the sharp edges longer.
  • Fiskars 9136 is corrosion resistant.
  • It has a non-stick blade coating which reduces friction and make cutting easier for you.
  • The handle is made up of lightweight aluminum which fits comfortably in hands.
  • Bypass blade for clean cuts of green, living growth with cutting capacity: 1-1/2″.
  • Product dimensions are 1 x 7.8 x 25.5 inches.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

As the Christmas is approaching, you can order this item and it will be shipped on 24 December. You simply need to choose AmazonGlobal Priority shipping at checkout. If you want gift someone who likes these items then this is the perfect time for this.

The Power gear 9136 is designed in such a way that it maximizes your cutting power while pruning living plants. This power gear lopper has a gearing technology which maximizes the cutting power in the middle where the resistance is greatest making the cut 3 times easier than other traditional tools. It has razor sharp blades which cuts with less resistance than thicker blades. It can cut up to 1-1/2 inch small branches. 

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However beside all the great features, proper safety should be maintained if you have one of these. If it can cut branches of 1.5” then it can cut fingers too. So keep it away from kids. Overall, it’s a great tool that you must have. If you are using some old lopper or any local lopper then it’s time to throw them away and use Fiskars 9136 Power gear Bypass Lopper.