Fiskars is one of the best manufacturer for gardening tools. There are number of lawn and garden tools available by Fiskars. Fiskars 7067 3-piece softouch garden tool set is one of them. The comfort and durability to make cultivating, digging and transplanting provided by the Fiskars softouch tool is excellent. Fiskars has always been innovative in designing the product for it’s customers. Keeping that in mind, these softouch tools are designed in such a way that their handles with a strong grip fits your hand naturally reducing stress on your wrist. If already know that if the tools are not designed properly then while working with them, they give a lot of stress on your wrist forcing you to step down before the work is completed. However, with softouch garden tools, you can work for hours and can complete your garden work.

Fiskars Softouch Gardening Tool Set

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These tools have flat end pad of each handle generating more leverage than any other garden tool provided by other manufacturer. All 3 of the tools have cast aluminium heads which resists rust. It’s also very good for tough soil as it won’t snap while digging. Tools handles have holes on the top to provide convenient storage.

Fiskars Softouch Garden tool set have a LIFETIME Warranty.

Here are few more important points to know about this garden tool set-

  • Trowel is very good for digging while planting a new plant or digging an old one. Turning up the soil is much easier with help of this trowel.
  • Cultivator tool can be used for loosening of the soil, removing weeds and aerating soil with ease.
  • The Transplanter tool has gradation marks on it which makes transplanting small flowers and plants easier.
  • Handles are soft and specially designed to reduce stress on your wrist so that you can work for longer hours.
  • It has an aluminium cast heads which resist rust for lasting value.
  • For easy storage, the holes are provided on the top of the handle so that you can hang them in your garden tools store room.

Here are few more pics of the tools in action : 

Soft contoured handle helps reduce hand fatigue during use.



Softouch transplaner features gradation marks

Click here for Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon

This is a great set of garden tools having a 5 star rating on They don’t catch rust, they don’t bend and they don’t break . Secondly the biggest advantage is that they have a lifetime warranty from the company so you don’t have to worry at all. With great grips, these small tools are the best for any gardener. They are the top quality product from Fiskars.

Compared to other tools that you will find at local retail store, these are prices less. I recommend this to every one who loves gardening.