Garden Hoe is a very important ancient and agricultural tool which is mainly used to move small quantity of soil in your garden or farm. Normally it is used by farmers for weed control, hilling, drills and shallow trenches for planting seeds and bulbs. In fact it’s a multipurpose tool and it’s up to your how do you want to use it.There are many types of garden hoes each having different shapes and qualities. For your gardening purposes, you need a good garden hoe which should be strong and lasts for longer time.

Mainly there are two types of hoes :

  1. Push Hoes
  2. Pull Hoes

So it depend on you as how do you like to operate in your garden. Both push and pull hoes are good. For the fact, I have both types of hoes because at certain place there is not enough place to pull. Hence, push hoe is also useful for places near to walls and boundaries.

There are many type of blades which are used in hoes. Few can perform multiple functions while few are meant for a specific purpose.

  1. Collinear Hoe
  2. Dego Hoe
  3. Dutch Hoe
  4. Hoedads
  5. Stirrup Hoes
  6. Wheel hoes

These are classified mainly on the basis of their blades appearance. However, you don’t need to know about every one of them because I am going to list best 3 hoes available in the market which are mainly used for gardening purposes only.

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Here is the list of Garden hoes which you can used for your beautiful garden :

1. Corona Clipper SH61000 Diamond Hoe – Corona Hoe has steel sharpened diamond shaped blade which can cut weeds on both forward and backward strokes. It can cut every small weed in from hard to reach areas.The strong and welded socket connection makes it available for lifetime. It’s available for a 36% Discount.

Corona Hoe

 2. Nejiri Gama Hoe – It’s a light weight Japanese Garden Hand hoe. Slicing and weeding are the two main functions of Nejiri Gama Hoe. Length specifications are 5″ steel blade. 11″ long overall. This hoe is very top quality tool as it directly comes from Japan. For storing the tool, there is a hanging loop provided as well.

Nejiri Gama Hoe

3. Corona Extendable Handle Weeder –  The corona weeder handle is made up of aluminum and can extend to over 3 feet long. It’s a real ideal tool for yard work. Extendable handle weeder has a comfortable grip and ferrule. With lifetime warranty on it, it will become the perfect hoe in your garden.

Corona Weeder

If you do a lot of work by sitting in your garden then Nejiri Gama Hoe is the perfect one for you. People who have big gardens and they do like to spend a quality time in their garden, they can have either the first one or the Corona Weeder. There are lots of other garden hoes available. These hoes are best and highest reviews on amazon which suggest that people believe in these tools.

Choose your perfect Garden Hoes according to your comfort and garden.