Flexrake is one of the popular brands which manufactures best products which can be used in your garden. The tools and other products made by flexrake are of the highest quality and they always last long. Flexrake 13ft. Fruit Picker is one such product which is admired by thousands of people who have garden. Specially if your garden has trees with fruits. You can not simply pull all the fruits by hand and that’s why you need a tool which can reach up to the top of the trees. Flexrake fruit picker has a basket so that the fruit falls into the basket whenever you pull a fruit. By this way, you can easily harvest all your fruits without damaging them. It has lot of great reviews from customer and close to 5 star rating on amazon.

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Here are some important features of Flexrake 13ft. Fruit Picker :

  • The overall length of the fruit picker is 13-inch and hence you can easily pluck fruits without damaging them.
  • It has a heavy gauge vinyl coated wire basket which is very useful.
  • The free-inch fruit pad is very gentle on all fruit.
  • The pole of the fruit picker is lightweight and it’s made up of durable fiberglass.
  • It provides a grab and pull action to harvest fruits from trees.
  • It’s currently being sold on 25% discount.

If you already tried some fruit picker from your local garden store then you can easily compare fruit pickers. Mostly local fruit picker have wooden poles which makes them heavy and secondly they can not be stored in the garden shed as they are lengthy. The third thing : they will be costly compared to Flexrake Fruit Picker.

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Fruit Picker has telescoping handle and it’s made of fibreglass. It’s much more strong compared to wooden fruit pickers. You can easily store them in your garden shed because of telescoping handle. Amazon had the best price on this product that you will not find in the local garden store. Thousands of people are using it and they are happy about the product and it’s quality. We highly recommend Flexrake 13-inch Fruit Picker in the list of your best garden tools.

Holt’s Nut wizard is a great gardening tool which you must have if you have large number of plants and trees producing fruits. Lot of fruits fall on earth in the night time and picking them in the morning is a tough job. It takes a lot of time picking hundreds of fruits across your garden by hand. It gives you back strain and wastes your precious time. With Holt’s Nut wizard, you can easily pick up fruits without bending. It prvides an easy mechanism which is similar to sweeping. Amazing thing is that this garden tool picks up fruits of all types and then you can easily put them in dumper. This is a super time saver garden tool. It has lot of great customer reviews and 5 star rating on amazon.

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Here are important features of Nut Wizard Large :

  • It’s a very easy to use nut roller. 
  • It picks fruits like apples and oranges from the ground and you don’t need to bend.
  • It has a spring wire head which does the wonder.
  • You simply need to roll it smoothly on the ground to pick fruits. 
  • It works with a spinning motion.

Seriously speaking, you will be amazed to see how it works so smoothly and easily. Just roll over fruits and nuts lying on the ground and the spring wire head traps them inside. To empty, spread the wire and the captured items fall right out. Or, use the optional wire dumper to make emptying even easier.


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Nut Wizard Large is mainly used for general pickup including: black walnuts, liquid amber seed balls, hickory pig nuts, limes, lemons, oranges, apples, golfballs, tennis balls (from 1.25-inch to 4-inch diameter). To pickup small items, there is another version of nut wizard that you can find on amazon. However it’s much better than you will ever hope. Secondly it can be used by anyone even kids. It’s simple to operate and you will love it.

We highly recommend you this product if you have fruit trees.