Victorinox is one of the best brands manufacturing swiss army knives for many years. There are many types of swiss army knives that are being produced by Victorinox. I already reviewed one of the Victorinox SD Pocket Knife previously. However this time I thought to come up with more swiss army knives which are quite popular among people. These Knives are in great demand as these knives are ultimate for camping, backpacking and even for survival. 

I searched for hours which Swiss army knives are best and came up with a list. I will simply give a very short review on features of these knives. For complete reviews, ratings and pricing, Click on the knife image.

Here are the best and most popular Victorinox Swiss Army Knives : 

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

It is known as original swiss army knife manufactured by the company. It contains six small useful tools such as small blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers. The length of the knife is 2-1/4 inches. There is a lifetime warranty on this product. The current price is $13.88. The color may differ than image shown below.


2. Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

The blade of the knife is made from high carbon stainless steel giving it maximum sharpness. It’s popularly known as 8-inch multipurpose chef’s knife designed for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing. The handle of the knife is ergonomically designed. There is a lifetime warranty on this product. Current price is $39.95. 


3. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

 It is very handy multitool swiss army knife for camping, hunting and other outdoor activities. It includes large & small blade, can & bottle opener, and wire stripper with many other tools as well. It 3 -1/2 inches long and has a lifetime warranty by Victorinox. The current price of the product is $33.86 having a 26% discount.

4. Victorinox Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife

This knife is very popular for camping and hiking. It’s a fixed blade knife having a dozen hardened stainless steel tools in it to serve all the purposes during your camping. It measures 3-1/2 inch long and has a lifetime warranty on this product. The current price online is $29.99 after a 27% discount.

These 4 Victorinox knives are considered as top knives made by this company which are in huge demand by the people. These Swiss army knives are the best for survival, backpacking, edc. You can also have these knives while you are travelling somewhere because tools provided in the knife are very useful at times. Kids can also use some of these knives however teach them properly as how to use it before you handover it to them. 

There are many other Swiss Army Knives available but if you look at the ratings and reviews, you will amazed to see how these knives out perform other knives in their categories.

Victorinox is widely known for making swiss army knives.  It has always delivered the best of knives. This time Victorinox came with Swiss army classic pocket knife which is mainly a compact tool set for all campers and hikers. The classic SD pocket knife is cased in a solid-colored housing with Victorinox logo on one side. This pocket knife contains all the important Swiss army tools such as pair of mini scissors, sharp blade for cutting, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, key ring, tweezer and a toothpick.

The making of Swiss Army classic SD pocket knife is rigorous from selecting the finest material for manufacture to performing the final inspection. The best part about this pocket knife is that every tool in this has been hardened in different way so that they can perform better in which tools are used. All the Victorinox, the classic pocket knife carries a life time warranty.

Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

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Here are some important point about Victorinox Swiss Army SD Pocket Knife :

  • It measures 2-1/4 inches long.
  • It contains six useful tools which are very essential in day to day life for performing various tasks.
  • The tools include small blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers.
  • A handy key ring is included.
  • Lifetime warranty is being provided against defect in workmanship and materials.

There are mainly two companies which make swiss army knives i.e. Victorinox and Wenger. In my last post, I reviewed one of the Wenger (Wenger Evolution Swiss Pocket Knife) swiss army knife. Both companies make a wide variety of army knives with almost no difference in their price too. It’s always hard to which knife to choose as both are extremely good in quality as well as durability. You can have any one of these pocket knife.

It’s not a heavy duty tool but it’s a perfect little tool for everyday use like simply opening a box, cutting a knot or whittling. You will find many of daily tasks easier with classic pocket knife in your hand. It’s the best purchase for you if you are searching for a pocket knife.

Ken Onion is one of the best knife makers in the USA. His knife can be found in private collections as well as in pocket of sought after customers. Ken is involved in the phases from design to manufacturing so that every knife meets his expectations. Being a marine corp and knowledge about knife & it’s manufacturing keeps him ahead of all other companies. Kershaw leek series of knives are very popular these days and Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife is one of them. It has speedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system. With this feature in Kershaw 1660 Folding knife, users can easily deploy the the stainless steel blade with either of their hands. There are many handle styles which is available in leek series. You can have any one of them.

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Folding Knife

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The pocket folding knife is available in two types. One is serrated and the other one is smooth. The image shown above is of plain folding knife.

Here are some important features of Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Folding Knife :

  • Speed Safe ambidextrous assisted opening system is present in 1660 ken onion folding knife.
  • You can easily deploy the blade with one hand.
  • It’s very useful for situation where only one handed opening is necessary such as ideal for hunting and fishing.
  • The Blade is made up of 14C28N Steel.
  • The handle of the knife is made up of bead blasted stainless steel.
  • The folding knife measures 4 inches when closed and it weighs 3.1 ounces.

If you think that Kershaw 1660 is not sharp enough then you can use knife sharpeners such as Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener. It’s very light and compact weight and has tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrated edges.

The speed safe mechanism provided with the folding knife works really well and with few time of practice you can master it easily. You must be having other knives at your home and at workplace. If you compare those knives with this one, you will find that it’s unique and much better with it’s speed safe mechanism. It will be a real good purchase for you.

Overall, it’s an outstanding knife and our website gives 5/5 rating to Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife.