Yard Butler produces variety of best garden tools which you can use daily for various work in your garden. Their products are always time saver. Quality of Yard Butler product is awesome. Yard Butler RT-1 9-inch Roto Driller is one such product which beat the rest in its category. First of all, you can not get other brands similar products at this cheap price. Other brands will charge you heavily for such products. Yard Butler Roto driller is available at an affordable price. It can be used by anyone in you home. Customer reviews for this product is great and it has close to 5 star ratings on amazon.

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Here are some important features of Yard butler RT-1 9 inch Roto Driller :

  • Roto Driller digs holes up to 9-inch deep and 1 3/4 inch wide.
  • You can do mainly 3 types of work with roto driller: Plant bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants.
  • Features also includes deep water aeration or fertilization of shrubs and trees.
  • It also gets all the weeds, roots and all.
  • It has a lifetime warranty by Yard Butler.

There are two more similar products from Yard Butler : 1) Yard Butler RD-2 30-inch Roto Digger and 2) Yard Butler RP-3 24-inch Roto Planter. So Yard butler offers digger, driller and planter.

People are purchased the product for planting bulbs because it speed the whole process and saves you a lot of time. Sometimes it might go too deep but that’s not a problem. right? It is certainly a labor saver for bulbs, annuals or just loosening up flower beds. We even use it to till fertilizer down into beds and large pots. You can plant hundreds of bulbs in an hour using this. No other tool will offer such a wonderful service continuously. You will never feel any problem.

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

So if you have a nice garden and you want to save time while working in it the we highly recommend you this product.

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