Stanwood Bonsai is known for manufacturing different type of bonsai tools. They produce a lot of high quality products for customers who are interested in bonsai. Growing Bonsai requires special tools. You can not use your daily garden tools for Bonsai plants. You need special shears to cut their leaves and branches with desired effect and hence Standwood Bonsai has 14-piece shear set for bonsai. All shears are very strong as they are made up of Carbon steel.

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Here are some important features of Standwood Bonsai 14-piece Shear Tool Kit :

  • Quality of all the 14 shears is great. No other manufacturers offers such quality.
  • It’s an ideal for all levels of Bonsai enthusiasts.
  • They are made up of Carbon steel which provides extra strength to them.
  • All the tools have been hand inspected and lightly oiled.
  • One year free replacement warranty is given on this tool kit.

The 14-pc set have :

(1) 7 1/2″ cutting scissors (large),
(2) 7 1/2″ cutting scissors (medium),
(3) 7″ trimming scissors,
(4) 4 1/4″ leaf cutter,
(5) 8″ concave cutter,
(6) 8 1/4″ knob cutter,
(7) 7″ wire cutter,
(8) 10 1/2″ trunk splitter,
(9) 9″ in plier,
(10) 7″ root cutter,
(11) branch bender (3″ between side bars when furthest apart),
(12) 8 1/2″ rake with spatula,
(13) 9″ root hook,
(14) 5 3/4″ broom.

If you will try to buy these tools one by one at shops then it will cost you a lot more than you budget. But buying as a 14-piece tool kit always have its advantages. You will pay less price and it will be delivered to your home address. The tool kit provides everything for both beginners and master level bonsai.

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

Japanese bonsai tools are more costly than these tools. So if you are beginner then we highly recommend you to buy these tools. Don’t go for costly products until you are serious about bonsai practice. Tool kit has great customer review and 5 star rating on amazon.

We highly recommend this Bonsai tool kit for both beginners and master level bonsai enthusiasts.

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