Garden Grabber manufactures many gardening tools which can be used in our day to day life while working in the garden. They always make one of the best quality products. Garden Grabber pro lawn and garden with locking handle is also a very good product and quite famous among people. It makes leaf raking process very easier. It is very helpful if you have lot of leaves coming and falling in your garden. Certainly you can clean all the leaves from your garden manually. It will cause you a lot of pain due to bending and secondly you will waste a lot of time in cleaning the leaves. With Garden Grabber, all these things can be avoided as it provides easy mechanism to pick leaves from the ground without bending.

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Here are some important features of Garden Grabber Pro Lawn and Garden Raker :

  • It makes leaf raking much easier and convenient.
  • There will be no more bending and stooping in the garden and you will save a lot of time.
  • It has cable and pully mechanism which opens and closes circular tines.
  • The construction of the garden rake is steel/aluminum.
  • It measures 5′ Long x 16″ Across.
  • You need to assemble it when it arrives but you don’t need to worry as instruction manual is provided.

Lawns as well as your knees and back are sure to love the Garden Grabber Pro. Its rake, grab, and bag abilities let you clean up around the home without bending or stooping. Pick up leaves, pine needles, clippings, and garden garbage without ever having to touch it. It will also save you a lot of time doing all these things. The local garden rakes break easily as they are made from cheap material and hence you should always use a brand such as garden grabber. It also gives you the facility for full refund if you are unhappy about the prodcut or its quality.

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

Few people complain about its locking mechanism breaking easily. What i want to say is that it’s made for leaf raking and not for some heavy duty purpose. So it’s better to use it as a leaf rake. If you will push any product beyond its capability then certainly somethings gonna happen.

Overall it’s a great prodcut to be used in your garden. We highly recommend you Garden Grabber Leaf rake to be included in you list of gardening tools.

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