Fiskars is best brand manufacturing wide variety of garden tools. Gardening tools produced by the Fiskars are considered excellent both in quality and price. They have the best selling product in many categories of best garden tools. Fiskars 9301 Power Lever Tree pruner is also one of the best in the market. The total length is 14 foot which is very ideal for tree pruning. It’s available at a 31% discount and with free shipping. It has great reviews by the customers and close to 5 star rating on amazon.


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Here are important features of Fiskars 9301 Power-Lever 14 Foot Tree Pruner :

  1. It is a power lever dual action tree pruner. 
  2. Fiskars 9301 Pruner cutting capacity is 1-1/8 inch. 
  3. It has 15 inch saw blade which is of very high quality.
  4. Maximum reach of the pruner is 14 Foot. 
  5. Fiskars 9301 have power lever technology which magnifies the cutting power of the pruner.
  6. The woodzig pruning saw blade is corrosion-resistant and it has a non-stick blade coating.
  7. Fiskars products always have a lifetime warranty.

With Fiskars 9301 Pruner included in your garden tools, you don’t need to use the ladder. It gives you exceptional reach and pruning power to cut trees. The extendable pole with reach up to 14 feet means you can maintain that perfect height and graceful globe shape of your flowering crab apple tree without balancing precariously on a ladder. The Power lever technology multiplies your strength to cut branches up to 1-1/8 inch in diameter or you can use 15 inch woodzig saw. You will enjoy using this great product from fiskars.

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

The best part about the Fiskars 9301 Pruner is that it’s neither heavy like other brands nor costly as well. If you will compare with other brands which provides tree pruning, you will come to know why people always choose fiskars. If you want to try then visit your local store to watch the product in action or simply read the reviews on amazon. Because of its high quality, I highly recommend you to have this product included in your best garden tools.

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