True temper is always known for manufacturing great products from shovel to axes. US military Original Issue E-too Entrenching shovel is one of them. It is considered as one of the best camping shovels. It is currently the best seller in camping shovels category at amazon and has close to 5 star rating. It is mainly made for US military however is available for public as well. So you can purchase this awesome entrenching shovel right away. It’s a heavy duty shovel which will do all of your work without any difficulty. It’s available at 46% discount. To know more click the below image.

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Here are important features of US military entrenching shovel : 

  1. It’s a genuine US Military Issue.
  2. It’s mainly made for the US military with superior materials.
  3. It’s Tri Fold Shovel made for heavy duty use. 
  4. The head contains a serrated edge and plain edge for hacking or slashing.
  5. The E-Tool or Entrenching Tool folds up for easy carry and to pack away.
  6. It is a durable product and will last a life time. 

Here is how it looks when unfolded : 

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

You must have seen many folding shovels whenever you visit a store but do you really believe that those shovels will works like this one ? First, they are all chinsy looking and kind of cheap. You will always need a great shovel whenever you are miles away from you home camping happily. What happens when your new shovel from a local store breaks the first time you use it. Hopefully, neither you nor I want this kind of situation on our camping trip. 

US military entrenching shovel is the real shovel which US marines are using for decades. You can dig with shovel as well chop with it. You can get them as dirty as you want but they will hold up in all the situations. This true temper entrenching shovel is the best and you can truly trust this shovel. 

It’s available for less than $50 after a 46% discount. So rather than buying a cheap shovel, go for US military Original entrenching shovel. You can also check out Fiskars Long handle Digging Shovels.

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