Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock with Universal Fit and Constant Speed Control Oscillating Tool Kit – Rockwell has enhanced its previous model of sonicrafter oscillating tool kit. There were few opposite reviews regarding few features in the oscillating tool kit. But now with this updated RK5140K Sonicrafter oscillating tool kit, Rockwell has made it better than ever. Rockwell oscillating tool kit is the best seller in the detail sanders and saws in the Home improvement section at amazon. Rockwell calls it universal fit because you can use other brands accessories with this tool kit. Many oscillating tool kit does not offer this kind of feature. They have their own accessories and you have to use them only. But Rockwell tool kit allows you to use other accessories as well. It has close to 5 star rating on amazon. 

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Here are some important features of Rockwell RK5140K Oscillating tool kit :

  • It has a powerful 3.0 amp motor which provides a constant speed control while working.
  • It has universal fit system to fit most other brand accessories.
  • For precision control, the tool kit has variable speed control system.
  • Hyperlock tool-free blade changes with up to 1-ton of clamping force to prevent blade slippage.
  • It can be used to cut, saw, scrape, sand, shape, polish, and remove grout.
  • It utilizes a smooth and safe microsonic high frequency oscillation technology.
  • 2-year limited warranty is being provided by Rockwell on this product.

Here is a list of things that you will along with the package :

  1. One Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter kit, 
  2. One 3-amp Sonicrafter with Hyperlock tool,
  3. One 1-3/8-inch bi-metal end cut blade,
  4. One 3-1/8-inch HSS semicircle saw blade,
  5. One rigid scraper blade,
  6. One sanding pad,
  7. Three sanding sheets,
  8. One carbide semicircle grout blade,
  9. One Sonishear attachment,
  10. One universal adapter,
  11. One hard-sided carry case with accessory binds.

There is no other efficient oscillating tool kit than Rockwell available in the market right now. Rockwell has combined 3 systems into once oscillating making it one of the best in the market. You can change blades in the oscillating tool kit easily because of the hyperlock system provided. Whenever we buy a branded item, they don’t allow us to use any accessory from other brands in their tool kits. If something goes wrong then we keep searching a particular brand item from shop to shop. But Rockwell has changed all those things. You can simply buy and use other brands accessories. With it’s 3.0 amp motor, it is one of the fastest cutting sonicrafter with its constant speed control. 

Easily switch blades with the tool-less Hyperlock to cut wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding. It would take various other tools to do what the all-in-one Rockwell Sonicrafter can do in less time, less effort, and less hassle.

If you are searching for a oscillating took kit, then Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock with Universal Fit and Constant Speed Control Oscillating Tool Kit is best that we can recommend.

Click here for full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

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