Fiskars 9109 Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears is the best selling product in hedge shears category of Amazon. As you may already be knowing that Fiskars is a popular brand producing best quality products which lasts life time. Hand Pruning shears are also manufactured by Fiskars and it’s model 9109 is the perfect hand pruning model adopted by many people across the world. It has close to 5 star rating and hundreds of customer reviews. Also there is a 33% discount on the product right now. 

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Here are some important features of Fiskars 9109 Bypass Pruning Shear :

  1. It can easily cut branches and stems whose diameter is up to 5/8.
  2. It has a precision ground steel bypass blade which always remains sharp.
  3. It is fully rust-resistant which also makes your cutting easier.
  4. Self-cleaning sap groove keeps the blade from sticking for easy operation.
  5. It has an easy open lock with non-slip grips. It’s very durable because of all steel design.
  6. Fiskars 9109 Pruning Shear has a lifetime warranty.

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The pruning shears are teflon-coated and the blade is made up of high carbon steel which makes cutting smooth and easy. Shears feature an ambidextrous lock, sap groove, enclosed spring, and dual layer comfort grips. It can be used for variety of general purpose pruning tasks. They are really good for light duty cutting. The traditional 9109 Bypass pruner is made in USA by Fiskars and hence you can expect your delivery faster than ever. 

Certainly everything has a limit so if you try to use them for heavy duty then you will not get expected result. They are made for light duty cutting and hence you can use them on green branches, bushes in your garden. These pruning shears are also best for roses , arthritis and other plants. They work similar to pruning scissors. They are best pruning shears at this price in the market right now. There are many other pruning shears available but they are heavy costly.

Overall, It’s one of the best bypass pruning shears and you can trust Fiskars on its products.  

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

Fiskars 9109 bypass pruning shear in action :

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