Fiskars is known for manufacturing multiple gardening tools right from shovels to weed remover. Fiskars products are always of the highest quality and their feedback is awesome. The strength and durability of fiskars product is great and that’s the reason why people love it and they have multiple garden tools made by Fiskars. Fiskars 1399 Telescopic weed remover is one such product which is considered as the best weed remover. It has close to 5 star rating on amazon. You won’t find many weed removers which are even close to this one. If you want to keep you lawn or garden free from weed, then you must get Fiskars Weed Remover 1399.

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Here are all the important features of fiskars 1399 telescopic weed remover : 

  1. It is very ideal for removing thistles, dandelions and other invasive weeds that normally grow up in our garden. The best part is that there is no use of any chemical.
  2. There are 4 serrated stainless steel claws which firmly grabs weeds and roots.
  3. There is an easy eject mechanism built so that you don’t have to bend over to remove the weed by hand. You can remove weeds by remover and can throw it in the garbage by easy eject mechanism.
  4. Telescopic handle can extend up to 8-inch which makes weeding easy for everyone.
  5. Sturdy steel shaft provides lasting value.
  6. It has lifetime warranty.

The product is made in Finland and is currently available at 16% discount. One of the other best feature of telescopic weed remover is that it has foot platform to maximize force to penetrate tough soil. However we suggest if the ground is loose then you will remove weeds faster and it will save you a lot of time. 

All I can say is you will love weeding once you get this tool because it’s so easy to remove weeds along with their roots with the help of Fiskars Telescopic weeds remover. You can remove dozens of weeds in a single shot without bending over. Many weeds remover simply remove the weed but you always have to bend over to throw the weed by hand. However that’s not the case with this tool. Telescopic handle and easy eject mechanism will make your life easier than expected infact in removing weeds. If you have any problems with remover ever, you can just shoot a mail along with pic and they will be happy to replace it.

So if you have a garden then it’s time to get one weed remover and make your garden even more beautiful.

Here are few more pics showing Fiskars 1399 in action : 

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