Square foot gardening is the practice of creating intensively planted gardens in a small area. Square foot gardening combines the practices and concepts from other organic gardening methods. The main focus in square foot gardening is given to compost, densely planted raised beds. Square foot gardening is very good for all beginners who are looking forward to gardening. It’s also well suited for regions having poor soil where many things can’t grow. Mel Bartholomew is known for the phrase square foot gardening.

In square foot gardening method, the soil always remains loose as it’s never walked upon as in conventional gardening. With the recommended soil mixture in this method, it’s easily workable and we can grow many plants without caring about the nature of the soil. Weed can also be easily removed from this soil as it’s loose and secondly planted raised beds bring the level of the soil closer.

Here are few pics to understand Square foot gardening :

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening


Here are the Advantages of Square Foot Gardening :

  • Due to light soil, weeds are easier to remove.
  • Water holding capacity is more in square foot gardening due to mixture of specific soil and hence less water is required.
  • A living mulch is formed by densely planted crops and also prevent weed from establishing or germinating.
  • Natural insect repellant methods are much more efficient in a close space rather than in a big area and because of it, you don’t need to use pesticides.
  • In a small space, the diseases among plants cannot spread easily because of different types of plants.
  • You can protect your plants from sun or cold by making cover for the beds and it’s easy because the beds are small.

Square Foot Gardening Spacing, Layout and Planting Guide

The original method uses a four sided box to hold finite amount of soil with no top or bottom. It was divided with a grid into sections. To plant variety of crops in the box over a time, a different kind of plant will be planted in each square. Depending on the size of the plant, the number of plants should be decided to be planted in the square.

For Example : Herbs such as Basil, Mint, Oregano and even tomato plant can take the full square while plants like strawberry’s can be planted four per square. Radishes can be planted as high as 16 per square.

Tall or climbing plants must be always supported with lattice or netting and secondly you should keep in mind that these tall plants shade should not go on other plantings.

The following Soil Mixture is recommended for Square Foot Gardening :

  1. One third (1/3rd) Compost
  2. One third (1/3rd) Peat Moss
  3. One third (1/3rd) Vermiculite

You should also have a variety of compost as this will give plants more nutrition. Reason being one compost may be made up of one type of material and hence more than 1 is required. New compost should be added to square foot gardens over time. You can also make your own compost by mixing various material such as vegetable scraps, eggs shells, coffee and tea bags, leaves and grass clippings.

For accessibility, raised boxes may have bottoms to sit like tables at a convenient height, with approximately 6″ (15 cm) of manufactured soil per square foot. For plants like carrots or asparagus, it is always recommended to build areas deeper than 6″ in order to facilitate a deeper root requirement of these plants.

In this method, garden space is divided into beds which are accessible from every side. A 4 ft × 4 ft (1.2 m × 1.2 m) garden is recommended for the first garden, and a path wide enough to comfortably work from should be made on each side of the bed. Each of the beds is divided into approx. one foot square units and marked out with sticks to ensure that the square foot units remain visible.

Square Foot Gardening Spacing

Common spacing is one plant per square for larger plants (broccoli, basil, tomato, etc.), four plants per square for medium large plants like lettuce, nine plants per square for medium-small plants like spinach, and sixteen per square for small plants such as onions and carrots.

You can also refer book All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.

Here is the list of items that you can purchase for Square Foot Gardening ( Click on item to know more)

  1. Frame It All SBX-FNP 4-by-4-Foot Raised Garden Bed
  2. Suncast RBD939 48-Inch by 48-Inch by 18-Inch 6 Panel Tiered Resin Raised Garden Kit
  3. Suncast WGB48 48-Inch by 48-Inch Cedar Wood Raised Garden Kit
  4. Dalen Gardeneer 5-Foot x 30-Foot Trellis Netting TP-30C
  5. Nature’s Way 33002 Garden Potting Soil Mix, 2 Square Feet
  6. The Garden Stamp: Stop Plotting. Start Planting

A few seeds per square foot, the ability to make compost, to water by hand, and to set up the initial garden in a sunny position or where a container, table or platform garden may be moved on wheels to receive light is all that is needed to set up a square foot garden.

Sno Brum snow removal tool with telescopic handle is one of the tools that you really don’t want to miss out. It’s one of the best snow removal tool to remove ice over your cars without making a scratch. The telescopic handle in Snow Brum tool makes it very easy to remove all the snow in lesser time. There will be no scuff marks and not even a single small scratch of car’s paint.

The Sno Brum snow removal tool head is made up of cross linked polythene and high grade durable foam which makes it very easy and light to use product. There are several other similar type of products that you are going to find but this one is unique and you can totally rely on this product for clearing snow.

Snow Brum Snow Removal Tool

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The telescopic handle of this snow removal tool is really good. It reaches high over the car for clearing the snow and secondly you won’t be having any problem keeping this inside your car. With a snow brush, it takes a lot of time for clearing the snow while with Sno Brum Original Snow removal tool you can remove the snow in few minutes. Many of you will be having more than one car and having one of these for clearing the snow from all of them would be great for you.

Here are few important features of this snow cleaning tool :

  • Foam head measures 17-inches x 6-Inches.
  • Telescoping handle extends from 27-inches to 46-inches for plenty of reach.
  • It’s never going to scratch your car’s paint.
  • Head of the sno brum is made up of high durable foam.

With the SNO BRUM, drivers can easily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood and trunk without scratching the paint or harming the finish of any vehicle. The molded polyethylene foam head has been lab-tested for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and center load stress and durability and has achieved the highest ratings in all tests. The high-impact plastic face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the vehicle. The telescoping handle powder coated steel that has special cold resistant nylon threads.

After using it you will be one saying that it’s the best snow removal tool that you ever tried.

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True Temper 26-Inch SnoBoss Pusher and Shovel Poly Blade With Steel Wear Strip is one of the best heavy duty & ergonomic snow shovel and pusher available in the market. Having a lot of snowfall and then snow getting hard is one of the main problems for many people. In order to remove snow from pathways, you need a strong and reliable snow shovel which can do a lot of work and remove lot of snow in less time.

There are other things which needs to be considered while removing snow around your house. The snow shovel or pusher that you are using should always be ergonomic. Ergonomic snow shovels will make sure that you will remove and throw lot of snow without feeling any pain and stress in your back. True Temper snow pusher and shovel has been designed in such a way that it keeps all the above things in mind. Using this snow shovel, you can remove more snow in less time without any pain.

Ergonomic Snow Shovel

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Here I am going to describe some of the important features of this snow shovel and pusher :

  • It’s a 26 inch high capacity blade along with wear strip which can be used as shovel or pusher.
  • Midgrips and endgrips are ergonomically designed for optimal hand placement and back posture while lifting.
  • Foot step for maximum leverage.
  • The handle is a single piece light weight aluminum.
  • Blade Measures 25-3/4″W x 34-1/2″ .

One of the best part is that it has a multi-grip handle which allows us to lift, push and throw snow from optimal ergonomic position. There are other shovels available in the market but no one matches it’s quality with these features. If you have ever used single shafted shovel previously then you will find that this shovel is much more effective and efficient. The handles at different heights allow you to easily pick up a whole amount of snow to throw.

It’s one of the best snow shovels and I highly recommend it for you people.

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Victorinox is widely known for making swiss army knives.  It has always delivered the best of knives. This time Victorinox came with Swiss army classic pocket knife which is mainly a compact tool set for all campers and hikers. The classic SD pocket knife is cased in a solid-colored housing with Victorinox logo on one side. This pocket knife contains all the important Swiss army tools such as pair of mini scissors, sharp blade for cutting, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, key ring, tweezer and a toothpick.

The making of Swiss Army classic SD pocket knife is rigorous from selecting the finest material for manufacture to performing the final inspection. The best part about this pocket knife is that every tool in this has been hardened in different way so that they can perform better in which tools are used. All the Victorinox, the classic pocket knife carries a life time warranty.

Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

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Here are some important point about Victorinox Swiss Army SD Pocket Knife :

  • It measures 2-1/4 inches long.
  • It contains six useful tools which are very essential in day to day life for performing various tasks.
  • The tools include small blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers.
  • A handy key ring is included.
  • Lifetime warranty is being provided against defect in workmanship and materials.

There are mainly two companies which make swiss army knives i.e. Victorinox and Wenger. In my last post, I reviewed one of the Wenger (Wenger Evolution Swiss Pocket Knife) swiss army knife. Both companies make a wide variety of army knives with almost no difference in their price too. It’s always hard to which knife to choose as both are extremely good in quality as well as durability. You can have any one of these pocket knife.

It’s not a heavy duty tool but it’s a perfect little tool for everyday use like simply opening a box, cutting a knot or whittling. You will find many of daily tasks easier with classic pocket knife in your hand. It’s the best purchase for you if you are searching for a pocket knife.

Ken Onion is one of the best knife makers in the USA. His knife can be found in private collections as well as in pocket of sought after customers. Ken is involved in the phases from design to manufacturing so that every knife meets his expectations. Being a marine corp and knowledge about knife & it’s manufacturing keeps him ahead of all other companies. Kershaw leek series of knives are very popular these days and Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife is one of them. It has speedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system. With this feature in Kershaw 1660 Folding knife, users can easily deploy the the stainless steel blade with either of their hands. There are many handle styles which is available in leek series. You can have any one of them.

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Folding Knife

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The pocket folding knife is available in two types. One is serrated and the other one is smooth. The image shown above is of plain folding knife.

Here are some important features of Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Folding Knife :

  • Speed Safe ambidextrous assisted opening system is present in 1660 ken onion folding knife.
  • You can easily deploy the blade with one hand.
  • It’s very useful for situation where only one handed opening is necessary such as ideal for hunting and fishing.
  • The Blade is made up of 14C28N Steel.
  • The handle of the knife is made up of bead blasted stainless steel.
  • The folding knife measures 4 inches when closed and it weighs 3.1 ounces.

If you think that Kershaw 1660 is not sharp enough then you can use knife sharpeners such as Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener. It’s very light and compact weight and has tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrated edges.

The speed safe mechanism provided with the folding knife works really well and with few time of practice you can master it easily. You must be having other knives at your home and at workplace. If you compare those knives with this one, you will find that it’s unique and much better with it’s speed safe mechanism. It will be a real good purchase for you.

Overall, it’s an outstanding knife and our website gives 5/5 rating to Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife.

Pocket knife is one of the most important tool for every men and women these days. There are various advantages of keeping a good pocket knife. Pocket knife is considered as one of the best functional tools. From opening letters, boxes and packages to camping, fishing, first aid and peeling fruits it’s very handy for all of these. Not to mention, it can also be used as a weapon in certain cases. It may not be effective but after all it’s a knife. Hence, pocket knife is very necessary. Let’s look at some of the best pocket knives available in the market and their main functions.

1. Case Cutlery 7049 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades Medium Navy Blue Bone

Case Pocket Knife 7049

The Case Cutlery is the best brand for pocket knives.The case cutlery 7049 is an extremely excellent knife. The stainless blades are sharp, take and hold an edge. The size of the knife is very good and you can easily keep it in your pocket. It has all the qualities that you need in a pocket knife. It’s a multipurpose knife as it has 3 blades which can be used for different purposes.You are going to be very happy with this purchase.

Here are few important things about this knife :

  • It has a genuine bone handle.
  • The length is 3 5/8″ closed.
  • It has a true sharp surgical steel blades.
  • Blades includes stainless clip, sheepsfoot and pen blades.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Best part is that it’s made in USA.

  2. Case Cutlery 260 Case RussLock Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blade Amber Bone

Case Cutlery 260 Case Pocket Knife

Case cutlery 260 is almost considered one of the best pocket knives in the world and it’s for those who love to have a simple yet sharper knife in their pocket which can cut anything. Case cutlery 260 knife is very practical and durable as it has tru-sharp stainless steel blade. It has a one hand opening clip with a  amber bone stainless handle which looks attractive.

The stainless blade comes razor sharp out of the box so you don’t have to worry about making it more sharp. You are going to be very pleased with the purchase of case cutlery 260 case pocket knife.

Here are few important things about this knife:

  • The length of the blade is 4 1/4″.
  • It has genuine bone handle.
  • It has an ultra sharp stainless steel blades.
  • It has an easy opening clip.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.


3. Case Cutlery 02802 Peanut Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades, Blue Bone

Case Cutlery 02802 Pocket Knife

Case cutlery 02802 pocket knife is as same as above both ones strength wise as well as quality wise. The only difference is that it has only two blades that clip blade and pen blade. Many people don’t like too much blades in their pocket knife. Few people like only one single blade and few like maximum of 2 blades. To cater the needs of such people, Case has made this peanut pocket knife with stainless steel blades. So if you want only two blades in your pocket knife, then this one’s going to be the best purchase for you.

Here are some important points about this pocket folding knife:

  • It has Genuine Bone handle.
  • Closed length: 2 7/8″
  • It has tru-sharp stainless steel blade.
  • It has two blades i.e. clip and pen.
  • Limited life time warranty and made in USA.

 4. 13 Function Stainless Steel Small Folding Pocket Knife by VALTEV

Pocket knife by Valtev

It’s one of the best pocket knife for people who do a lot of adventures and need a lot of tools for performing various types of tasks. It’s a total multipurpose multi-tool. It’s a perfect pocket knives for outdoor activities such as hiking,trekking, walking, camping and sailing. This pocket knife looks much similar to Swiss army knives.

Here are some important points about this knife that you would like to know :

  • It has an open length 6″ and closed length 3.5″.
  • Pocket knife has 13 handy tools which are very useful in day to day life.
  • It also has the bright LED light along with the battery.
  • Smooth close and open action of all tools.
  • This pocket knife has a 30-day money back guarantee.

All the tools are made up of 100% stainless steel and will hold their edges for years. The 13 functions present in the pocket knife are LED flashlight, hook remover, saw, needle, leather punch,bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver, flat screwdriver, can opener and large knife. What else do you need in your pocket knife 😉

5.  Wenger EVO S557 Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Evolution Swiss Pocket Knife

Wenger Swiss Army Pocket knife is a mini tool kit in itself. It’s a multi-tool and multipurpose pocket knife which you really don’t want to miss out. It’s an awesome knife. It’s available in red color and performs almost 19 functions. Swiss Army Knife has an ergonomic grip design which is considered as one of the best. The best thing about this pocket knife is that it also has mini-wrench which is very handly at times. You are not going to find wrench in pocket knives easily.

Here are some of the important functions :

  • 13 implements 19 functions, with safety locking 2.5″ stainless steel main blade.
  • 2.4″ springless scissor with serrated self sharpening design, locking straight screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, adj. jaw pliers.
  • It has universal wrench, nail file, nail cleaner, can opener, Phillips screwdriver, reamer, awl, toothpick, tweezer, corkscrew and  key ring.
  • It weighs 4.5 oz..

Now you need to chose what type of pocket knife do you like and want to purchase. You have choices right here. You have multi-tool pocket knives as well as knives which have only one, two or three blades. You should always purchase the knife which suits your day to day activities. There is no point of purchasing a knife if you don’t use it properly. These are best pocket knives that are currently available in the market at a reasonable prices. All the above pocket knives are below $100 and offcourse below $50. These pocket knives can be used by both men and women. They can be also used for self defense in some cases 😉 If you don’t find any of the tool as sharp as you want, there is always a knife sharpener which you can use to make the knife razor sharp. Hopefully you will find the suitable pocket knife.

Smith and Wesson is one of the best manufacturers of firearms in the United States. Their headquarters is located in Springfield. Smith and Wesson are not just known for making some of the best knives available on the market but for making all kind of firearms such as revolver, shot guns, hand guns and much more. They are just too good when it comes to making products which is used for survival and combat. CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade knife is just one of their quality products that you can highly trust with.


Smith and Wesson Search and Rescue Knife

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Here are some great features of CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife :

  • It’s made up of 440 stainless steel. It’s considered one of the hardest and strongest for making knife blades.
  • This knife has 5.88 inch blade with overall length of knife being 10.50 inch.
  • It has a non-reflective black coating with rubberized aluminum handle.
  • A heavy duty Nylon Sheath is also provided with the Smith and Wesson Bullseye knife.
  • It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Heavy duty nylon sheath has lasing slots, metal reinforcements and synthetic liner. It’s constructed with a hard synthetic liner and metal reinforcements. The sheath also has a D ring along with front mounted nylon storage pouch with Velcro closure. You can make this knife razor sharp just by passing it over a steel sharpener. Actually that’s how I did it.

Smith and Wesson Bullseye fixed Blade

If you do a lot of hiking and camping and you don’t like a big knife which is 15 inch long then Smith and Wesson Search & rescue fixed blade knife will be the best choice for you. If you compare this knife to others, you will pay triple the price of it. It appears to be full tung, has a nice grip and can be used as a tool or a weapon. It can almost everything which needs to be cut on a camping.

Overall, if you are looking for a reasonably priced fixed blade survival knife along with the sheath then it’s going to be best purchase for you.

Ontario knife company is known for it’s great products over the years. Ontario Knife company is known for making great survival, combat and tactical knives over the years. Ontario 498 Marine Combat Knife is another one of the best knife made by the company which is mainly supplied to US military. Ontario Marine Combat knife is known for it’s toughness. It may not look very good looking knife but it’s one of the most strong and reliable weapon for US Marines and that’s why you can have full trust over this knife.

Ontario 498 Marine Combat Knife

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Here are some important features of Ontario 498 Marine Combat Knife:

  • It has a 7 inch plain edge blade.
  • It is made up of 1095 Carbon Steel.
  • It has a weather proofed black leather handle.
  • Non-reflective black zinc phosphate finished blade.
  • Blade is hardened to 55-58 HRC.
  • Ontario 498 Knife also includes a leather sheath and a steel buttcap.

The 498 Marine combat knife is one of the knife that you must have with you. There are other knives available such as K-BAR Marine Combat Knife which is very strong. If we compare these both knives over a period of time, you will discover that Ontario 498 Combat knife is much better than K-Bar Combat knife. It has a very decent edge retention and it’s very easy to sharpen. You can cut anything with this knife and can hammer as well. The knife is going to hold very well over a period of time. The sheath provided with the knife is also strong and very well put together.

Ontario 498 Combat Knife

Ontario and US is written on the blade which I have right now. The best part about this Marine Combat knife is that it’s made in the USA only and can be shipped to your address in lesser time. Most of the knives are shipped from countries like China and others and can take time reaching your address. Overall, Ontario 498 Marine Combat knife is the knife that you don’t want to miss in your collection.

MTECH USA XTREME MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife 11-Inch Overall is one of the best tactical knife in the category of fixed blade. MTECH USA is always known for such good products and they always represent a good value. If you have used MTECH USA products earlier then you are going to love this tactical fixed blade knife. It’s bigger and much better. The MTECH USA Extreme comes a black nylon sheath so you don’t have to worry about safety.


MTECH USA Extreme MX-8054 Knife

Let’s talk about the features of MTECH USA Xtreme MX-8054 Tactical knife. MX-8054 knife has a black carbon steel 440 stainless blade tanto style. The saw-back on the top of the blade can be used for multiple purposes such as for cutting wood/twigs and for cutting wire. You can also see the flat thumb grooving for a better grip on the knife for various positions while using it. There is also a non-sharpened sawed/serrated edge. The overall length of the knife is 11 inches while the sharp blade length is 6 inches. The MX-8054 knife made out of one slab of steel. It’s one of the biggest advantage as you don’t have to worry about the breaking of knife because of damaged half-quarter. The bottom part of the knife is very sharp and also has an inward drop grooving with a claw like hook. You will also be getting a black nylon belt sheath which is extremely useful and has utility pocket, leg strap and lanyard.

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Here are all features that you want to know in short:

  • 11″ overall. 6″ black finish 440 stainless fighter blade with sawback.
  • Full tang ( Made up of 1 slab of steel)
  • Extended tang with lanyard slot and lanyard hole.
  • Grooved black G-10 fingergroove handles.
  • Black nylon belt sheath with front utility pocket, leg strap and black cord lanyard.

Here are few more pics of this tactical knife:

MX-8054 Tactical Knife

I have used many knives during my lifetime and it’s one of the best tactical knives out there in the market. Compared to other knives, the price of the MX-8054 is quite low and affordable.

Overall, it’s very sturdy, well made, sharp and just looks great. It’s extremely good for sports and outdoor activities.