If you ever heard about the soviet spetznaz shovel then you will easily recognize the Cold steel special forces shovel with hardwood handle. Medium carbon steel has been used for forging shovel head and socket and it’s heat treated for maximum strength. The edges of the cold steel special forces come sharpened and can be improved up to razor sharpness. Cold Steel company is known for such high quality and heavy duty products.

The cold steel special forces shovel has a pretty good and solid design and it can used for various purposed like camping and can also be used as a survival kit. There are many other things that you can do with cold steel shovel like you can shave kindling, hack off branches from a tree, chop a log and even you can hammer nails and tent spikes. The best part about this shovel is that all the leading edges and sides comes sharpened from the factory so you need to be careful while using this shovel.

Cold Steel Shovel

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Here are the details of cold steel shovel that you may want to know before you purchase :-

  • Cold steel shovel Weight = 1.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions = 21 X 3 X 6 inches
  • Model Number = 92SF
  • Warranty = Parts

Here is Video review of Cold Steel Shovel : –

The Cold steel shovel is made in Taiwan. As the shovel is highly sharpened from all leading edges, you must have sheath for this shovel in order to protect other items You can purchase sheath for this shovel from amazon. Chopping, digging, slicing, throwing at camp site, this shovel does it all. Overall it’s a great shovel. There are lots of positive reviews from people who have multiple Cold steel special forces shovel.  For the fact, many people say it’s a 50% shovel and 50% axe because of it’s sharpened edges.

Here are few more pics of COLD steel Special Forces Shovel :-

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews

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