Snow shovels are very important for places with lots of snow. You need an effective snow shovel to remove snow effectively. Regular snow shovels can cause a lot of back pain and hand fatigue. You should always handle those snow shovels which can remove lots of snow with ease. Secondly, you should also keep your height in mind. Many snow shovels are made for people with average height and if you are too tall then they may not work for you. Lot of people complain about handle issues of snow shovels. ” Always read the reviews of the shovel before hitting the buy button. You always need a perfect shovel for pushing,shoveling and whittling down.

Here are review and rating of snow shovels that you can buy and many of them are still on sale-

1. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

It’s one of the best snow removal tool available in the market. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon. It’s available in 4 colors : Red, Blue, Yellow and green. Red Aluminum sport utility shovel has a high quality aluminum construction. It’s weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and it’s super lightweight.

It’s an adjustable handle which you can increase from 25-inch to 32 inch and that’s why you can use it for multiple activities. You can deconstruct the utility shovel in 3 pieces for safe packing and storage.

It has some other advantages too. Having a great color such as red, there are less chances of loosing it in the snow and secondly it can become an important accessory of your car or SUV. Overall, it’s compact, lightweight and durable.

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2. Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel

The wheeled snow shovel is one of the best if you are clearing the whole large section of ice specially your driveway. It clears 3x more snow than the normal shovels. The wheeled snow shovel is considered much better than the electric snow blowers. The electric snow blowers make a lot of noise while it doesn’t. The front portion is huge to remove more snow at once.

Here are few other qualities that you might want to know before you buy it –

  • Best for removing large amount of snow in every condition.
  • With half the effort, you can clear the snow 3X fast than other shovels.
  • There is no risk of injury with Snow wheeled snow shovel.
  • It outperforms electric snow blowers in terms of fumes and noise.
  • If you fear about back stress and cardio exertion then you don’t have to worry about these anymore because it’s a verified products showing 3X-4X reduction in both of these.
  • It is fully adjustable for everyone with any body type and size.
  • You can store wheeled snow shovel easily flat on a wall just like your regular shovel.

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Gardening is one of the best activity that almost everybody is interested in. However for effective gardening, you need to have quality garden tools to help you grow your favorite plants. Normally we use hand tools in our garden which can be small handled or long handled. There are lot of different things that we do in our garden. For every specific activity, there is a hand garden tool to help you and it also saves you a lot of time.

Here I am going to list some of the best hand garden tools that you must have –

1. Hand Rake

Hand rake is very essential in your garden as it helps you in removing garden trash, debris from under the plants and piles of leaves. Specially you will find the leaves every day in your garden and certainly you don’t want to damage your plants by cleaning them with some big tool. You need a gentle, smaller and a handy tool which can do it easily for you.

Black and Deker steel Fan Rake BD1537 is one of the best hand rakes available in the market. It’s a steel fan rake with soft handle grip. It’s really strong and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Another best thing about this tool is that its powder coated which makes it rust free and also it prevents any kind of soil build up while working in the garden. It’s great for you garden because it can reach places beneath the plants where long rakes can’t go.

2. Pruning Shears

Shears are very important for all kind of pruning tasks in your garden. Shears should be sharp and easy to use. It’s always better to choose a shear which can do every pruning task in your garden.Gripping on the shear also matters.

Fiskars 9124 Professional Bypass Pruning Shear is one of the best. It has an adjustable blade tension. It’s very sharp and has a unique handle design which makes it perfect for both right handed and left handed people. Fiskars shear cuts very smoothly and it’s stick-free. It can cut branches of size 1 diameter. You need such hand pruning shear to help you out in the garden.

3. Watering Can

Watering the plants is the most essential part. Its even more important when you have lots of flowers and vegetables in your garden. You need a good watering can which can contain a lot of water so that you don’t have to fill it again and again. The handle quality should also be very good so that you can easily pour the water on every plant.

I already wrote a review on Fiskars Easy Pour Watering Can Fiskars watering can hold 2.6 gallons of water. It has dual handles. One of them is movable so that you can take and bend the can with ease. Water filling hole is made on the side of the can.

 4. Gardening Knife

You must have a gardening knife with you. It helps us in many ways from cutting to digging and sawing. Japanese Gardner knife mostly known as Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Tool which can be used for many outdoor activities such as cutting, collecting, sawing, digging and chopping as well. It also very good for hunting and fishing.

It has a stainless steel blade which is very sharp. It cuts and scraps weeds, vegetables and roots. A black vinyl plastic sheath and belt loop also comes with the package. The blade length of Japanese Hori-Hori is 6 1/2 inch which is very good for gardening activities.


Review 9668 Digging Shovel – I heard about this shovel from a friend who described it as the perfect shovel that he ever used. I got impressed by the qualities he mentioned. Finally brought Fiskars 9668 Long handled digging shovel for my garden. After using it, I realized it was more than what my friend told me about it. Using so many digging shovels over the years, we get to know which one is perfect for you. The local shovels are not so strong and they break down over a period of time. But if you Fiskars digging shovel, you can dig for years to come. For heavy duty strength and durability, it has an all steel construction. It’s the best shovel I have ever used.

Fiskars 9668 Digging Shovel

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Here are some important features of Fiskars 9668 Long handled digging shovel –

  1. Fiskars digging shovel has no rust problem because powder-coated steel is used to make it rust free and easy for cleaning.
  2. The Blade of the shovel is welded to the shaft to give it’s extra strength and durability.
  3. Fiskars shovel has the best handle as its easy to grip and it also reduces hand fatigue.
  4. Pre-sharpened Blade is the best part of fiskars shovel. It cuts through anything that comes in the way. Secondly, you don’t have to sharp the blade for months even after many usages.
  5. As you can see in the pic, oversized footstep is provided for your foot which is secure and comfortable and it also allows you to use leg muscles.
  6. It has a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Shovel Oversized footstep

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The slightly pointed blade of fiskars digging shovel can be used for mainly 3 purposes :

  • Heavy duty Digging
  • Preparing Planting holes
  • Removing Sod or Soil

You can use of for normal gardening and landscaping. If you like to do a lot of digging in your garden with a strong shovel then Fiskars 9668 Long handles Digging Shovel Garden tool is the best one for you. Once you use it, you will forget about other shovels that you previously used in your lifetime. It will cut through anything like no other shovel will ever cut. It is one of the best shovel for digging holes, trench and even for digging roots. Secondly, It has a lifetime warranty and they replace the product immediately even if it bents under any circumstances. It’s time for you to get it now and start digging in your lawn or garden to get the best our of fiskars shovel.

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5 in 1(XI) Proplugger is the best one available in the market right now. Proplugger is 5 in 1(XI) Planting, turf plugger, bulb planter, flower planting, Lawn plugger, weeding tool, Grass or Sod plugger, soil sampler and ground cover planting tool. It can dig a hole of size of a tennis ball up to multiple depths.For transplanting a variety of ground cover plants, flowers and bulbs, the adapter plates allows you to dig a 2 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch deep plug. Getting a good depth is very essential for many plants as they grow better and quick deep inside the ground. The proplugger is made up of welded steel which makes it tougher than normal ones available at your local shop. Its construction makes it available for years of plugging service. It also acts as a soil sampler tool and can pull over 500/hour.


5 in 1 Bulb Planter

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Here are few favorite annuals and ground covers which you can plant –

  • Creeping thyme
  • English ivy –
  • Mondo grass
  • Monkey grass
  • Pachysandra

and many others are there as well. If you grow these in your garden, it’s gonna look like heaven. If you don’t know or you have no idea about these plant ground covers, Google the images.

There are two version available of this 5 in 1 Proplugger. First is the standard version which plugs smaller holes. Second is this one which you are seeing right now. It’s the proplugger (XL) size which can pull a 70% larger plug if compared to the standard version.

Watch the Video below to understand how it works fully : –

It has 5 star rating on Amazon and it’s the best selling product in the gardening tool under bulb planters. If you are really interested into the gardening and like to plug a lot then this is just for you. Thousands of gardeners are using this bulb and flower planter to shape up their garden and you must also start doing it right away.

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Few more pics in action : 

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