Gardening is one of the best thing to engage with the nature. We can grow number of plants of flowers,vegetables and even few big trees. All that makes our house even more beautiful. A lawn full of greenery and different type of smells coming from flowers will be total awesome experience for anyone. But how can we make that happen? How can we make sure that we grow healthy plants so that they continue to grow and be fruitful over few months? To make these things happen, you need good gardening tools so that you can grow all your plants with ease and in planned manner.

Lot of gardening tools are available in the market. You need to be sure what type of tools you require in your garden. If you garden is small then for sure you require a limited no. of tools. If you have a big garden and you like to grow many many things in it, then you require additional set of gardening tools which can help you to work faster and save your time.

Here we are listing some best gardening tools available online on Amazon in different categories. They are the bestsellers in their categories and have very good reviews and almost 5 star ratings.

Here is the list of Garden tools 2013:

Name and Category – Click on the name to get Reviews, Pricing and Ratings

  1. Corona Stainless Steel Serrated Floral Scissor –  Scissors
  2. Dramm Colorstorm Premium Garden Scissors – Scissors
  3. Fiskars Uproot and Garden Weeder – Manual Weeder
  4. Fiskars 9210 Long Handled Swivel Grass Shear – Garden Shears
  5. Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel – Shovels
  6. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel – Shovels
  7. Gardex LX-1000 Poly Leaf Scoofs – Rakes
  8. Bond 7-inch to 25-inch Adjustable steel rake – Rakes
  9. Corona RS razor tooth folding pruning saw – SAW
  10. Nejiri Gama Hoe – Hoes
  11. Fiskars 27X Splitting Axe – Axe
  12. Fiskars Easy Pour Watering Can – Watering Cans
  13. Fiskars 3-piece Softouch Garden Tool Set – Garden Tools Set

These are some of the best tools that your garden needs. Most of the people are getting these items because they save a lot of your time in the garden and they work fast. If you take lawn and garden tools from local market, they can break, get corroded overtime but these are from standard companies. Many of the above mentioned tools have LIFETIME Warranty.

Its time to act now. Choose the tools according to your garden so that you can use them in the best way possible.

Fiskars X-series splitting Axe is one of the best in the world as it got the International Red dot Award for ” Best of the Best” design of it’s splitting Axe. You may have used traditional axes at your home which you purchased from you local shop. These traditional axes are normally heavy, less sharp and they are prone to crack & break after few days. However Fiskars X-series splitting axe has an ultra sharp edge, an advanced product design which makes it perfect for all gardeners and virtually unbreakable. Due to these qualities, it maximizes your performance in the work.

Fiskars Splitting Axe has a 5 star rating and more than 800 reviews on and It’s ranking number 1 in Axe category.

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Fiskars splitting Axe is available in 4 sizes :-

  1. 17 inch
  2. 23 1/2 inch
  3. 28 inch
  4. 36 inch

Due to many sizes, it’s perfect for different type of people as few people like long handles which helps them to cut anything with powers while few people like small handles for cutting. If your height is more then certainly you will like the 36 inch Axe and not 17 inch. Total weight of the Fiskars 36 inch Axe is 5.8 pounds.

Fiskars splitting Axe is made in Finland and supplied through Amazon. They are nicely designed  to simple and effective so that your work performance is minimized and you will save a lot of time. A wide range of Axe styles and sizes is perfect for any gardeners. Here is few more things you may want to know about splitting axe :

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Here are few work situation in which Fiskars splitting axe is very helpful :

  • Chopping Kindling
  • Splitting Logs
  • Felling Trees
  • Chopping Logs

Due to superior blade design and virtually unbreakable quality, it has more power at impact. Taller users has advantage with 36 inch as it offer one strike split of the woods with more power and speed saving your time. It’s fibercomp handle is stronger than stainless steel, it’s not going to break through overstrike. The blade is hardened and forged and it’s never going to chip or crack. It has a non-stick blade coating which makes it not to stuck in woods while cutting.

Overall, it’s perfect for all type of Axe work and you must get it. It’s a must gardening tool.

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Watering the plants in the garden is the most essential part of a successful gardening. Few plants require daily watering while few require weekly. Watering plants becomes even more important if you are growing vegetables or flowers in your garden because those plant roots don’t go much deep in the soil. If there is summer season going on and you don’t water them properly then they are going to die. For watering the plants daily, easy pouring watering can is required which can hold enough water so that you can water enough plants in one go.

Fiskars Easy pour watering Can is one of the best in the markets. It can hold a total of 2.6 gallons of water. It has a very unique handle design and it’s one of the best parts that people love this watering can. It has a dual handle support so that you can adjust yourself with multiple hand positions on itself. For adjustable flow control spout rotates, so that it can provide both gentle shower and steady stream. With dual handles, you can carry this Watering can very easily in your garden.

Watering can Garden tool

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Fiskars easy pour watering can is only available in black color. It holds 2.6 gallon water and provides both spray and full stream in a single nozzle.  The hole for filling the watering can is made on the side of the body so that handle doesn’t get in the way. You can fill easily and water your plants quickly with its great capacity. You don’t have to fill and water multiple times. It will save you a lot of time in watering the plants and flowers. With great handle support, you can carry and water all the plants in your patio.

Here are few more pics of the Fiskars watering can in action :

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It is one of the best choice by thousands of gardeners out there. I recommend this watering can for everyone who has patio filled with plants. Get it now and start watering your plants.

Fiskars is one of the best manufacturer for gardening tools. There are number of lawn and garden tools available by Fiskars. Fiskars 7067 3-piece softouch garden tool set is one of them. The comfort and durability to make cultivating, digging and transplanting provided by the Fiskars softouch tool is excellent. Fiskars has always been innovative in designing the product for it’s customers. Keeping that in mind, these softouch tools are designed in such a way that their handles with a strong grip fits your hand naturally reducing stress on your wrist. If already know that if the tools are not designed properly then while working with them, they give a lot of stress on your wrist forcing you to step down before the work is completed. However, with softouch garden tools, you can work for hours and can complete your garden work.

Fiskars Softouch Gardening Tool Set

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These tools have flat end pad of each handle generating more leverage than any other garden tool provided by other manufacturer. All 3 of the tools have cast aluminium heads which resists rust. It’s also very good for tough soil as it won’t snap while digging. Tools handles have holes on the top to provide convenient storage.

Fiskars Softouch Garden tool set have a LIFETIME Warranty.

Here are few more important points to know about this garden tool set-

  • Trowel is very good for digging while planting a new plant or digging an old one. Turning up the soil is much easier with help of this trowel.
  • Cultivator tool can be used for loosening of the soil, removing weeds and aerating soil with ease.
  • The Transplanter tool has gradation marks on it which makes transplanting small flowers and plants easier.
  • Handles are soft and specially designed to reduce stress on your wrist so that you can work for longer hours.
  • It has an aluminium cast heads which resist rust for lasting value.
  • For easy storage, the holes are provided on the top of the handle so that you can hang them in your garden tools store room.

Here are few more pics of the tools in action : 

Soft contoured handle helps reduce hand fatigue during use.



Softouch transplaner features gradation marks

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This is a great set of garden tools having a 5 star rating on They don’t catch rust, they don’t bend and they don’t break . Secondly the biggest advantage is that they have a lifetime warranty from the company so you don’t have to worry at all. With great grips, these small tools are the best for any gardener. They are the top quality product from Fiskars.

Compared to other tools that you will find at local retail store, these are prices less. I recommend this to every one who loves gardening.